Harnessing AI for code and career

The State of AI Innovation

In this new AI strategy report, over 500 technology leaders and practitioners were surveyed about how their organizations use AI. The research reveals the importance of AI to both careers and productivity, and the progress enterprises are making in their AI efforts.

AI is a career booster, not a threat

Despite many headlines about AI replacing humans, only 1.9% of respondents say they view AI as a significant threat to their careers.

AI is a boon to developer productivity

Across all respondents, Codex (the programming model behind GitHub Copilot) is the second-most popular LLM (behind GPT).

Organizations need to reorganize their AI programs

Many organizations are still figuring out how to drive and fund AI programs. Our respondents favor IT as the source for AI strategy, but many experts consider lines of business to be the optimal AI strategy drivers.

A strong data foundation is a must

The largest percentage of organizations with the most mature AI programs choose the vector database Apache Cassandra as a technology that is foundational to their AI efforts.