The State of the Data Race 2022

Leveraging real-time data—for resilience in the downturn and growth in the long term

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In this newly published data strategy report, 500 technology leaders and practitioners across a variety of industries were surveyed about how their organizations use real-time data—the data that powers in-the-moment use cases such as recommendations and personalization, or always-up-to-date inventory and logistics. The research reveals that leveraging real-time data pays off in two important ways: higher revenue growth and increased developer productivity.

Organizations are taking advantage of real-time application technology to build new customer experiences and grow revenue.

of respondents agree that they can directly attribute revenue growth to real-time data investments.

Recent technology advances have proven the value of real-time applications as a key business growth driver.

of respondents agreed that real-time data is a “must-have,” not just a “nice-to have.”

Organizations are beginning to understand how real-time data can positively impact almost every aspect of their business.

Organizations are 2.3X more likely to experience a “transformative impact” on revenue growth from real-time data when they make it an organization-wide strategic focus.

Development teams reveal that when they work closely on real-time data and AI/ML projects, they can do their jobs more efficiently.

of real-time-data-focused organizations agreed that developer productivity has improved.

“Real-time data is air. Real-time data is critical for everything, from your financials to customer sales to whether promos are working, whether advertising is working, whether the initiatives that you're investing in are paying off. You've got to pivot so fast in today's market. If you don't have real-time data, you're back in 1985.”

Greg Sly

SVP of infrastructure & platform services, Verizon

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