CompanyMarch 4, 2020

Accelerate 2020 – Two Cassandra Workshops, Infinite Possibilities

Tanya Gallagher
Tanya Gallagher
Accelerate 2020 – Two Cassandra Workshops, Infinite Possibilities

Accelerate 2020, the world’s largest Apache Cassandra NoSQL event, is fast approaching!
We’re kicking off this year’s DataStax Accelerate in San Diego (May 11-13) and London (June 2-3) with two deep dive, hands-on workshops that will run on our Workshop Day prior to the first day of the conferences. 
Distilled from the brains of people who made DataStax Academy, the DataStax Accelerate Workshops at Accelerate is an opportunity to propel yourself one step further. We have created a hands-on, guided experience to foster the skills necessary for mastery of one of today's hottest technologies—NoSQL.
We have two all-day workshops you can choose from:

Build an app with Apache Cassandra

DataStax engineers will show you how easy it is to build an application on top of Apache Cassandra. We’ll build a fully functional NoSQL application—including launching a database, data modeling, creating tables, using CQL, REST, and GraphQL, and more. Learn about the benefits of NoSQL for modern enterprise applications and its similarities to and differences from relational models. Start with the basics and end with a fully functional application in just one day.

Build a DevOps pipeline with Kubernetes and Apache Cassandra

Operationally focused DBAs will gain practical experience by deploying an Apache Cassandra database in a multi-cloud environment, configuring code for enterprise app developers, and working through optimizing and tuning exercises. Apply security configurations, troubleshoot, and forecast upcoming changes for your database deployment. We’ll build a CI/CD pipeline that deploys an Apache Cassandra cluster alongside other open source and developer tools within Kubernetes. Learn about multi-cloud deployments, optimization/tuning, and more. 

If you’re interested in NoSQL and Cassandra, Accelerate is THE event you won’t want to miss.

Spots are limited! Register today for DataStax Accelerate San Diego and London to take advantage of early bird prices.

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