CompanyFebruary 1, 2022

DataStax Increases Customer Value with Continuous Optimizations & Delivers 50% Price Reduction in Astra DB Write Operations

Thomas Been
Thomas BeenCMO, DataStax
DataStax Increases Customer Value with Continuous Optimizations & Delivers 50% Price Reduction in Astra DB Write Operations

On their cloud migration journey, enterprises are increasingly adopting Databases-as-a-Service (DBaaS) to meet customer expectations and scale applications at high velocity without technical obstacles and by eliminating operational burdens. We take it as our mission to lower barriers to DBaaS adoption by improving $/performance and delivering operational excellence. Today, we’re excited to announce that, effective on Feb. 1, we cut the list price of write requests (WRU) on Astra DB by 50%. With the newly announced price point, Astra DB delivers an unbeaten cost performance value for write-intensive workloads such as logging, time-series, and IoT sensor data compared to other DBaaS solutions in the market. 

Continuous innovation delivers continuous TCO savings

Astra DB is a zero-ops, managed service that combines the strengths of Apache Cassandra® with the best the cloud has to offer. Cassandra™ is known for its low latency, reliability, and scalability. Astra’s data APIs make it simple and fast for developers to build applications. Astra DB’s serverless architecture ensures elasticity and cost-efficiency as only the necessary resources are used. 

DataStax delivers a unique TCO advantage by eliminating the burden of right-sizing compute and storage resources for the performance demands of dynamically changing workloads. Kubernetes-based serverless architecture delivers cost-performance optimization for any workload through disaggregation of compute and storage. Astra DB serverless pricing is transparent and predictable with consumption-based billing and the ability to automatically scale in and out on demand to serve peaks and unexpected spikes in user requests without complex capacity planning cycles.  You only pay for the value you receive from prototyping stages all the way through global deployments and peak production seasons.

An essential part of the value created for Astra DB customers comes from DataStax’s Cloud Operations team’s continuous delivery of service tools and optimization processes. By eliminating operational tasks such as maintaining, upgrading databases, enterprises can achieve drastic TCO savings over self- managed NoSQL databases on-premises or in the cloud. 

At DataStax, we are committed to increasing value delivered to our customers by combining the innovation from the underlying cloud service providers and DataStax’s own service enhancements.  And we decided to give this value back to our customers, by dropping our write operations (WRU) list price by 50% to enable our customers to kick start their cloud modernization journey in 2022 even for their most demanding workloads!

Cloud pricing should be simple

Many cloud services blend metrics, which limits customers’ visibility into their usage-based costs; complex billing can prevent customers from realizing the full value of their cloud initiatives and their data.

DataStax offers a simple pricing model  that eliminates the following challenges experienced at some cloud-based database services:

  • Transparency - Astra DB’s pricing is based on the consumption of the most valuable resource: data. Astra DB billing experience has been upgraded for visibility with clear reporting of usage, resources per service, and consumption per organization; we also offer improved access to current and past invoices. 
  • Simplicity - Astra DB’s pricing is based on what customers are doing with the data (storage, writes, and reads). Compared to other DBaaS solutions where customers pay for under-utilized dedicated compute instances, Astra DB pricing model is simple and straightforward, 
  • Predictability - The flat rates for these operations on each cloud make the costs a function of the usage of data, letting customers know exactly how much they will consume.  
  • Choice - By providing the flexibility of burning down against existing commitments on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, Astra DB provides investment protection and a friction-free path to kickstarting your modernization journey by lowering the barrier of new budget requests.

Get started today on your journey to Speed, Scale, Simplicity, Savings with Astra DB!

For Astra DB users, the new pricing will be automatically reflected from Feb. 1, 2022, onward. If you’re not using Astra DB yet, get started without a credit card by registering for a free account. Use your Google or GitHub account to sign in (you can also sign up using your email address) and receive $300 worth of free usage every year to create a proof of concept or use in a production environment.


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