CompanyMarch 22, 2023

DataStax and Delphix Enable Faster Provisioning of Cassandra Data for CI/CD Pipelines and Analytics

Jeremy Hanna
Jeremy HannaDataStax
DataStax and Delphix Enable Faster Provisioning of Cassandra Data for CI/CD Pipelines and Analytics

The pace of innovation among DataStax customers is always accelerating, and they need their data to keep up. Apache Cassandra is a foundational element in their quest to adopt a modern data infrastructure using a distributed data approach, but slow data provisioning—especially in lower test and analytics environments—can still create bottlenecks.

That’s why DataStax and Delphix have integrated DataStax Enterprise with the Delphix DevOps Data Platform to enable Cassandra data delivery automation. Our mutual customers can now have fresh Cassandra databases in minutes to enable faster digital transformation, cloud adoption, and migration of legacy applications to Cassandra.

Delphix automates data provisioning, providing fast, lightweight Cassandra data for CI/CD pipelines and API controls that enable DevOps teams to refresh data in minutes. The data is virtualized so the footprint is much smaller, saving costs and freeing up resources, whether on-premises or in a cloud environment. 

How it works

The integration leverages existing DataStax Enterprise backup and recovery technology to continuously sync production data into the Delphix DevOps Data Platform. Once the data is available, Delphix can quickly provision virtual, ephemeral data for application development and testing. API data controls enable developers and testers to bookmark, refresh, and rewind data as well as share test environments.

The data sync process can be established using the DataStax OpsCenter Backup Service and by scheduling one-time or recurring backups of data. Additional tools like DataStax Zero-Downtime Migration and Bulk Loader can also be used to sync data between clusters.

The integration also makes it easier to move from legacy databases to Casssandra by: 

  1. Creating a virtual database
  2. Ingesting data into a Delphix staging cluster using any ETL or data migration tool
  3. Enabling migration testing and validation

When Delphix is integrated with DataStax, businesses can take advantage of the benefits of both platforms to optimize their data management processes. Our mutual customers have the benefits of faster data provisioning from a modern distributed database for mission-critical projects.


How it works

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