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The Always-On, Active Everywhere, Distributed Hybrid Cloud Database Built on Apache Cassandra

Best Distribution of Apache Cassandra

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Production-certified Apache Cassandra with support from the industry experts.


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Key-value.Tabular. JSON. Graph. All models for all types of applications.

Mixed Workloads

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Database, analytics, and search, all with a consistent security model.

DSE 6 eliminates a major administration complaint that users have had about open source Cassandra for years – repair operations.

- Ovum

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DataStax Enterprise: The Industry's Only Active Everywhere Database Platform


Search, analytics, and graph for relevancy and immediacy in EVERY interaction.

Always On

Unique, masterless architecture for 100% uptime without needing multiple systems for replication and failover.

Real Time

Instant responses for instantly delightful applications.


Geo-distribution? Not an issue. Easily manage workloads across data centers, cloud regions, or hybrid cloud environments.


Scale linearly and predictably even with commodity or compute-intensive instances.



Old Economy


Right-Now Economy



Old Economy


Right-Now Economy



Old Economy


Right-Now Economy



Old Economy


Right-Now Economy


Discrete (transactions)

Old Economy

Continuous (micro-moments)

Right-Now Economy

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Enterprise-Ready Features

DataStax Enterprise delivers a wide range of cloud data management, deployment and development capabilities.

Developer Empowerment

Visual notebook-styled development tools, connectors for all popular development languages as well as connectivity to Apache Kakfa, bulk loading utilities, container support with certified Docker images, free training, docs, and a built-in developer community—all ready to go.

Administration and Monitoring

Kick back and put large-scale operations on autopilot. Our OpsCenter has integrated functionality for real-time monitoring, tuning, provisioning, backup, and security management.


Give your users intelligent and personalized behavior with powerful streaming and batch analytics powered by Apache Spark™. Suddenly—analysis is so cool.


DSE Search helps your users easily locate data, providing full support for complex queries using sub-string, fuzzy, and full-text search. The indexing engine also provides full support for fast, real-time aggregations, faceting, and filtering. Did we just use the word “fuzzy”? Yes we did.


DSE Graph offers the first graph capabilities powerful enough for customer-facing apps capable of scaling to massive datasets across data centers and cloud regions. Who ever said graphs were boring?


DataStax Enterprise expands on the basic Cassandra security features by providing the tools necessary to meet stringent HIPAA, PCI, and SOX compliance requirements. Compliance is so not fun—but now at least it’s easy.

Deployment Options

DataStax Enterprise was designed from the ground up to be deployable across any type of infrastructure — whether it’s public cloud, private cloud, on-premises, or hybrid cloud. DataStax Enterprise has you covered.

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Multi-Data Center

DataStax Enterprise is perfect for multi-data center deployments. Our simple replication and distribution makes your distributed environments easy. Just spread it, like butta.

Any Hardware

The masterless architecture of DataStax Enterprise means you can scale out horizontally, predictably, and affordably, with commodity or compute-intensive instances.

Advanced Replication

Advanced Replication allows a single cluster to have a primary hub with multiple spokes. This allows configurable, bi-directional distributed data replication to and from source and destination clusters. Perfect for sporadically connected microservices commonly found in retail, oil-and-gas remote sites, and cruise ships. Bon voyage!

Managed Service

Let the DataStax experts manage your deployment for you on your choice of Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

Data Autonomy

Data autonomy is the ability to retain complete control of your data, no matter the infrastructure it’s operating on. This gives you the flexibility to manage your data and applications on any public cloud, private cloud, data center, or combination thereof, independent of the underlying infrastructure. It also enables you to implement a multi-cloud data management strategy.

DataStax Enterprise Powers Leading Brands

See how customers are using DataStax to revolutionize how they use data and lead the wave of disruption in their industries.

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DataStax Managed Cloud

Innovate instead of administrate. A white glove, fully managed service to accelerate your time to market, DataStax Managed Cloud is the easiest way to quickly scale any essential application without having to divert valuable resources for operations management.

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Subscriptions to Fit Your Needs

DataStax Basic

Twice the performance, self-driving operational simplicity, plus DataStax Studio for maximum productivity.

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DataStax Enterprise

The most powerful hybrid cloud distributed database with multi-model, mixed workloads, advanced security, and self-driving simplicity.

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DataStax Managed Cloud

A white-glove service that allows you to focus on innovation. Available on AWS or Azure.

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