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Scale-out, cloud-native NoSQL database built on Apache Cassandra and proven by the Fortune 100.

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Modern data apps at global-scale on any cloud, bare metal or Kubernetes.

Built on Apache Cassandra™, DataStax Enterprise is hardened by the largest internet apps, proven by the Fortune 100, and supports more NoSQL workloads - from Graph to Search and Analytics.

Stargate APIs simplify development with Schemaless Document and supports more NoSQL workloads including Graph, Search and Analytics. Operators can deploy cloud-native, Kubernetes based architectures that enable microservices and extensibility.

What's New in DSE 6.8, the Making of a Cloud Native Database
What's New in DSE 6.8, the Making of a Cloud Native Database

The DataStax Enterprise Difference

Zero Downtime

Built on Apache Cassandra’s active-everywhere architecture for 24×7×365 availability.

Zero Lock-In

Freedom of choice to deploy anywhere, on any platform (on-premise, cloud and K8s)

Global Scale

Put your data where you need it without compromising performance, availability or accessibility.

Operational Reliability

Enterprise-grade security, monitoring, and support, hardened by the Fortune 100.

Cloud-Native Data Platform

Native Kubernetes support to tame complexity of development, operations, and deployment.

Data APIs

Develop with high-performance gRPC, GraphQL, REST, and Document (JSON) APIs.

CDC for Apache Cassandra

Create real-time pipeline from DSE to downstream systems in the data ecosystem such as search, analytics, or other Cassandra clusters.

Microservice Architecture

Tune performance with a modular, service-oriented architecture. With Stargate in DSE - Storage, Driver/gRPC coordination, and API services are all independently deployable and scalable node types.

Cassandra’s peer-to-peer architecture guarantees no single point of failure to collect and store streaming data from infrastructure instruments and enables us to write and read from any node with minimal latency.

Praveen Kumar

Manager of Emerging Technologies, Equinix

Trading Technologies
DataStax helps Trading Technologies harness the power of real-time financial market data in order to offer our clients personalized trading, analytics, and risk management solutions with high throughput and reliability. With this transformation of big data economics, we can incorporate machine learning and other innovations that push the limits of technology for superior customer experiences.

Shridhar Sheth

Vice President, Software Engineering, Trading Technologies International

SC Ventures
With more than 750 branches worldwide and a presence in 59 markets, SC Ventures (Nexus) relies on DataStax to help provide a secure, distributed database infrastructure. As we further develop our digital banking platform and banking as a service offering, the solution allows us to leverage Stargate API gateways to catalyze financial services innovation.

Suresh Khatri

Head of Engineering, SC Ventures (Nexus)

Cassandra with Storage Attached Indexing

Cassandra with Storage Attached Indexing

Highly scalable, globally-distributed index for Apache Cassandra, now available on DataStax Enterprise.

Build Data-Rich Applications

Use familiar query patterns without compromising downtime, scale, or lock-in.

Operate At Global Scale

Reduce operations, failure points, and data duplication with scaling or backup/restore.

Reduce Architectural Complexity

Reduce architecture complexity and TCO by increasing workloads for Apache Cassandra.

GE Aviation Logo
Cassandra has proven itself to be a very fast and useful solution for us at GE Aviation. However, we have important use cases that require ad-hoc queries. To get around the current limitations, we have been using Solr with variable success. We are very excited about SAI. It has the potential to eliminate a huge pain point for us. It will further help the adoption of Cassandra and generally make the lives of many developers easier. This is definitely a step in the right direction for Cassandra

Julian Chultarsky

Principal Enterprise Applications Engineer, GE Aviation

Increase Developer Productivity on the World’s Most Proven Database

Stargate elevates gRPC to native-driver-level performance, and automatically exposes your DB as familiar web APIs. And with the schemaless JSON Document API, Stargate transforms DSE into a JSON Document DB. Develop your way with CQL/Native drivers, gRPC, GraphQL, REST or the JSON Document API.



Native driver performance on HTTP! gRPC is easier to learn than native drivers and is faster than HTTP APIs. Use our supported Go, Java Node.js and Rust clients or build your own.


Make your front end team happy. Serve a GraphQL API from any DSE database. Develop in schema first or cql first modes. Resolvers FTW.


Automatic, secure RESTful APIs for every DSE database. Integrate front-end apps fast! Also helpful when there is no supported gRPC client or driver.
Document (schemaless)

Document (schemaless)

Save and search JSON documents and collections in Cassandra with no data modeling needed. The fastest way to ingest data and retrieve them. Also supports JSON schema.
Space station
Space station

New in DataStax Enterprise 6.8

  • Kubernetes Operator

    Cloud-native Cassandra workloads for production use.

  • Faster Scale-Out

    Node addition and removal is now up to 4x faster.

  • Graph Engine

    Graph data models implemented as native Cassandra.

  • Incremental NodeSync

    Virtually eliminates manual effort to run repair operations.

  • Guardrails

    Configurable trip-wires in Cassandra that will warn or block known anti-patterns.

  • DSE Desktop

    Development environment to provision Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise in minutes.

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Build Your Skills

Modernizing With NoSQL From Relational Data Platforms

Modernizing With NoSQL From Relational Data Platforms

Is it time to move critical workloads from relational to a NoSQL Cassandra database?

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Data Modeling In Apache Cassandra™

Data Modeling In Apache Cassandra™

Get a detailed, straightforward, five-step approach to creating the right data model right out of the gate for your Apache Cassandra deployment.

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Apache Cassandra 4.0 White Paper

Apache Cassandra 4.0 White Paper

Get your free digital copy to harness Cassandra 4.0's performance and reliability.

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Cloud-Native Cassandra-as-a-Service Built on Apache Cassandra™

Request an Astra DB demo and see how it can make Cassandra easier!

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