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DataStax + Microsoft Azure Stack: Making Hybrid Cloud Real

Cathleen Nelson
Cathleen Nelson
DataStax + Microsoft Azure Stack: Making Hybrid Cloud Real

Real-time analytics at the speed of transactions.

This has become a must-have as organizations start to mature in their digital transformation journey and deliver on initiatives such as customer 360, fraud detection, ecommerce, and security.

The common success criteria in executing these strategic initiatives? Data.

And DataStax is now partnering with Microsoft Azure Stack to help enterprises capitalize on their data to:

  • address latency and connectivity requirements for edge and disconnected solutions
  • develop solutions once and deploy on-premises or in the cloud; and
  • extend applications with modern Azure services on-premises.

What if You Had Total Data Autonomy?

We’ve  all heard the stories of how the velocity and volume of data continues to grow. And as much as organizations try to mitigate data silos, the emergence of multiple data warehouses, data lakes, and databases has created additional complexity, leading customers to continue to struggle in delivering accurate, real-time analytics at speed requirements which have now been reduced to milliseconds.

Cloud IaaS and PaaS have been critical to address distribution at scale, allowing companies to deliver real-time applications. However, as organizations take on either multi- or hybrid-cloud infrastructure strategies, they are forced into deciding which applications to build within the silo of the infrastructure they choose, thereby reducing flexibility.

What if you could deliver extreme transactional processing, high availability, and real-time analytics within a single database across the infrastructure architecture that is right for you? Take the examples of developers who want to dev/test in the cloud but run production on-premise across multiple data centers or communication bandwidths that require computing closer to the edge.

DataStax and Azure Stack - A Combination Made in Hybrid Cloud Heaven

Microsoft understands and is addressing customer needs with its public and hybrid cloud portfolio, including Azure Stack. DataStax is in a unique position to compliment the seamless integration of Azure Stack and IaaS to give customers flexibility for financial control, infrastructure elasticity, and data portability.

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 6, a multi-model NoSQL database built on the best version of Apache CassandraTM and designed for hybrid cloud, offers a masterless architecture, meaning there is no master-slave relationship. The simple design of multiple continuous nodes in a ring architecture that play an identical role ensures no single point of failure. The nodes can reside in different data centers or multiple clouds. They communicate with each other in a way that allows for easy distribution and massive scale.

And the best part about it is, DSE 6 is not a rip and replace technology. Trying to rip out legacy technologies is a daunting task as the volumes of transactions and data interdependencies pose high-risk.

As pressure grows on enterprises to speed up time to market and frequency of product releases, they look to technologies like DSE to manage data from various data sources, including legacy RDMS transactional data, at a much larger magnitude in order to deliver applications and insights at the speed of “right-now”.

Although NoSQL databases were in part created to deliver cloud applications, not all applications will be born in the cloud. Compliance, data sovereignty, and IP protection are some of the cited reasons why companies will continue to deploy a private or hybrid cloud approach. The requirements for delivering highly scalable, distributed, real-time applications do not change, regardless of the infrastructure. DSE provides unique value as an always-on, distributed database built for that can deliver at the same high level of consistency regardless of the infrastructure.

Taking the Partnership to the Next Level

DataStax and Microsoft continue to strengthen their partnership by working closely to put the customer first. Their shared commitment is to help customers deliver on their most critical initiatives with innovation, ease-of-use, and cost-effectiveness.

Take DSE for a test drive today by visiting DataStax Marketplace on Azure.

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