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Customer 360

Gain a singular, contextual view of the customer in real time
for a seamless, personalized customer experience
across all touchpoints.
Delivering a better customer experience with Customer 360
Do you have real-time visibility into your customers’ interactions across business
units and touchpoints? Do your customers get an experience that’s personalized
in the moment, no matter which group they interact with? You can’t have an
amazing customer experience without answering yes to both of these questions.
This is exactly why companies are now investing in building a single view of their customer interactions as they happen across all data sources and channels. But that’s easier said than done, given that most businesses today interact with their customers across multiple channels such as physical stores, telephone support, online properties, and mobile applications.

This results in a wealth of customer information that is often siloed, resulting in disjointed customer and business unit interactions. And this is what often leads to poor or mediocre customer experiences, like not being able to return an item because of a lost receipt, even though the transaction was paid with a credit card in store and logged to the customer’s loyalty number. Or, having to repeat the same issue to multiple support agents because your customer was transferred to another team for help.
“DataStax has allowed us to break the complexities of our legacy systems, empowering us to leverage data to innovate and make more informed decisions so we can provide a truly personalized and premium experience to our customers.”
Penn Mutual
Customer 360 is the core of any customer experience transformation strategy, allowing companies to gain a full picture of the customer in real time, understand their interests, engagement with your company, wants, and needs. By understanding who a customer is and keeping track of their interactions across channels, companies can provide uninterrupted, personalized, targeted experiences. They can also identify new opportunities, room for improvement, and threats to their business. This in turn will not only increase brand loyalty and revenue, but also provide a seamless experience for your customers, no matter the business unit or channel used.
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