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Customer 360

Get a holistic, real-time view of every customer to create seamless, instant, relevant experiences.



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Percentage of companies investing in CX (per Forrester)

Customer 360 For Finance

Knowing your customer is top of mind for every industry - especially in the Financial, Banking, and Insurance sectors. Delivering value to customers, maintaining relationships, and proactively addressing their needs are paramount to succeeding in this highly competitive vertical. See how organizations can deliver highly customized experiences to customers using Customer 360 insights with DataStax Enterprise.

Deliver a Faster, More Relevant, More Satisfying Experience

Translate every customer's interactions with your company into a holistic, 360-degree view and real-time insights.



Real-Time Visibility

Have real-time visibility into your customers' interactions.

Tailored Customer Experiences

Deliver tailored, in-the-moment customer experiences.

Holistic, 360-Degree View

Deliver a faster, more relevant, more satisfying experience.

How Is Your Data Powering Your Customer Experience?

Customer 360 is more than just “knowing the customer”—it’s integrating key data sources to produce real-time insights that create loyalty and genuine bonding with your brand and enterprise. This eBook explains why C360 is an art that demands five key characteristics from the way you integrate and store your data.

"DataStax has allowed us to break the complexities of our legacy systems, empowering us to leverage data to innovate and make more informed decisions so we can provide a truly personalized and premium experience to our customers."

Case Study

Penn Mutual's Customer 360 Initiative

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Additional Use Cases

Read about other ways customers have leveraged DataStax to accomplish their goals and further their businesses.


Personalization & Recommendations

Deliver relevant and timely content
to customers.

Consumer Fraud Detection

Detect and prevent fraud using real-time,
contextual information.

Loyalty Programs

Increase revenue and drive loyalty tailored
to your customers.

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