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DataStax Astra Security Overview

When making the decision to explore or use the serverless Cassandra database-as-a-service by DataStax, you want the peace of mind that DataStax Astra can be trusted in the cloud. You want to ensure that it can prevent security breaches and mitigate their negative consequences, and that only authorized users and applications can access data. This whitepaper provides insights into how DataStax Astra implements programs, policies, and features to run mission-critical workloads securely and at scale.

  • Service Overview - A brief overview of DataStax Astra's serverless database-as-a-service platform
  • Information Security Programs and Policies - Describes how DataStax follows information security best practices and policies to ensure Astra is trusted in the cloud
  • Database Security Features - Describes the database security features that are included in Astra

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