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DataStax Now Offering Docker Images for Development

Kathryn Erickson
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DataStax Now Offering Docker Images for Development

Note: For the latest updates on DataStax Docker images, please click here.

Today we are taking the first step towards providing supported Docker images for all components of the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) data platform. We’ll be delivering these in phases, with the first being aimed at supporting developers in evaluation environments only. If you need help, file an issue in the GitHub repo or email us at

The following three DataStax images are now available for non-production environments, in the Docker Hub and Docker Store:

  • Docker Store:
    • DataStax Enterprise: The best distribution of Apache Cassandra™ plus integrated Search, Analytics, and multi-model capabilities. DSE also includes development and operations tooling: DSE Studio and DSE OpsCenter. DSE Studio and DSE OpsCenter are available as separate images on Docker Hub; details below.
  • Docker Hub:
    • DSE Studio: A visual, interactive web-based developer’s tool for DataStax Enterprise which is designed to accelerate your DSE development activities.
    • DSE OpsCenter: The web-based visual management and monitoring solution for DSE.

In addition, to make deploying DSE with Docker even simpler we are also providing:

  • Docker Compose scripts to enable you to easily deploy clusters and expose the components (DSE/Opscenter/Studio) to each other.
  • Access to the GitHub Repo for developers that want to customize the images

We also want to make these images universally applicable to all your key use cases. For simple use cases we’ve exposed common settings as environment variables. For advanced configuration management we’re providing a simple mechanism to let you change or modify configurations without replacing or customizing the containers. You can add any of the approved config files to a mounted host volume and we’ll handle the hard work of mapping them within the container. You can read more about that feature here.

There’s more we’d like to say but we know you’re anxious to get started. Here’s how:

Lastly – we’ll be holding office hours over the next few weeks to answer questions and get feedback. Register to attend the office hours here.

In the meantime, here are a few ways to provide feedback:

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