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DataStax Partners with NTT DATA

We're excited to partner with NTT DATA for its iQuattro solution, which streamlines and optimizes manufacturing processes with Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) data. The iQuattro solution leverages DataStax Enterprise (DSE) as the database of choice for its business collaboration platform. 

Enterprises adopting cloud computing for new IIoT services need more than cloud-based hosting for their databases – they require databases that are architected to run natively in the cloud. This means they must be fully distributed and able to run across any number of nodes without a traditional ‘master’ node. This is where DataStax comes in.

DataStax + iQuattro = Advanced Analytics

DataStax enables iQuattro to manage IIoT data at velocity and apply the right tools for data analytics. It offers high availability, linear scale, low-latency and predictable performance – all key requirements for an IIoT application. 
The solution eliminates data silos and cross-correlates sensor data for advanced analytics and machine learning to drive business outcomes through analyzing data, predicting patterns and anomalies. 

With iQuattro, enterprises can:

  • Improve supply chain management by reducing the time needed to get estimated time of arrivals on supplier components
  • Increase work efficiency with better communication and clear visibility into every part of the supply chain
  • Improve production activities by visualizing and analyzing equipment process information

The biggest challenge for any enterprise with an expanding IIoT infrastructure is not only to be able to handle sensor data at velocity, but also to be able to easily scale, keep data close to the edge, maintain 100 percent uptime, and extract business value. 

Built with masterless architecture, Cassandra and DSE can operate at unlimited scale, are continuously available, and have no single point of failure. 

(iQuattro® is a registered trademark of NTT DATA Corporation in Japan)
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