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Developer Newsletter: How to create a JavaScript Discord Bot with DataStax Astra DB

In this DataStax Developer Newsletter, we explore a project created by our friend Eddie Jaoude. We have also included some news links to external content, a video guide to the new Astra DB UI, and an open invite to our K8ssandra open source project that matches the power of Apache Cassandra® with Kubernetes to offer all developers a chance to be a part of this journey!

Hello developers of the world! Today we’d like to introduce you to a longtime DataStax friend and most-excellent coder, Eddie Jaoude. Eddie runs a popular YouTube channel with many helpful videos full of coding tips; he’s also got a vibrant and very welcoming Discord community.

In an earlier tutorial, Eddie used TypeScript and NodeJS to make a Discord bot that responds to specific words. Among other things, the bot helps EddieHub members on Discord avoid inappropriate chats by using inclusive words—it even suggests inclusive rephrasing for other chat messages. This helps automate some routine aspects of community moderation.  

In the video we’re featuring here, Eddie extends the bot to make user profiles in a database directly editable via Discord chat. Check it out and subscribe to Eddie’s YouTube channel for more amazing content as his video library continues to expand!

Eddie Jaoude: How to create a javascript Discord bot with an Open Source NoSQL database 

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  • #AppDev Learning Series! The DataStax Developers are excited to invite you to our brand new 3-week application development workshop series! If frontend is your thing, this series is for you. Join us as we build out your frontend portfolio in 3 weeks with 3 amazing apps. We will help you understand technologies like NodeJS, GraphQL, NoSQL, React, Netlify, and Javascript to kick start your application development journey!

Episode 1, July 07 or 08: Build your first application with Javascript and NodeJS

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