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Don’t Miss This DataStax Accelerate Talk!

Jonathan Lacefield
Jonathan LacefieldProduct
Don’t Miss This DataStax Accelerate Talk!

Even though it was 40 degrees this past weekend in Atlanta, the calendar says we’re getting into late Spring and that means DataStax Accelerate is just around the corner! It’s been two years since I’ve had the opportunity to attend a Cassandra conference, and I can’t wait for May 21 to get here!

Besides the excitement from seeing old colleagues, co-workers, and friends, I’m excited about the superb content this year. Cassandra and DataStax are the collection points for so many megatrends happening in the enterprise technology space right now. How could anything but excitement come from the prospect of hearing from those innovating the digital transformation in today’s cloud-dominant market? I can’t wait to hear firsthand from innovators like Facebook, Yelp, Netflix, T-Mobile, Deloitte, and many others.

It’s hard looking at all these great presentation abstracts to find one that stands out as the ‘can't-miss’ session. I’m excited for the keynotes from our CEO Billy Bosworth as well as Jonathan Ellis and Nate McCall (past and present Apache chairs). I’m excited about all the great “show how it’s done” sessions, too, as I like both the technical details in these sessions as well as seeing the pride expressed from those who have reached the point with their solutions that they’re ready to brag a little and show their work.

However, the session I’m most excited about is “Opioid360 – How AI Can Help Government Leaders Save Lives and Dollars, 24/7/365”,  by Deloitte. What’s exciting about this presentation to me is the opportunity to hear how Deloitte is working with federal and state governments to solve the societal crisis of opioid addiction.

For transparency, I’ve been working behind the scenes with the Deloitte team and their usage of DataStax Enterprise (DSE), but I’ve never had the chance to step back and look at the bigger picture of what this solution is doing for society. I’m looking forward to the context behind how the MissionGraph solution is being used and the positive results being seen in our society. How often does one in the enterprise software business get to say we’re helping solve a real and huge humanitarian issue? So cool.

DataStax Accelerate is going to be a great conference, and it’s almost here! If you attend, please stop me in the halls and let’s talk about how DataStax and Cassandra are being used in your company. I hope to see you all at Accelerate!

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