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How 3 Digital Champions Rely on Astra DB for AI

Arlene Go
Arlene Go
How 3 Digital Champions Rely on Astra DB for AI

Companies across various industries harness the power of AI and cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation and achieve remarkable results. We recognize these organizations as Digital Champions: visionary leaders that use real-time data, AI, and cloud to deliver unprecedented value to their organizations and their customers.

Here, we’ll spotlight three Digital Champions—Uniphore, SupPlant, and Alpha Ori—focusing on how they leverage DataStax Astra DB, built on the powerful Apache Cassandra® database, to unlock the full potential of AI. 

From enhancing human understanding of conversations to addressing water scarcity in agriculture and transforming the maritime shipping industry, these Digital Champions showcase the benefits of leveraging AI and Astra DB for real-time data management and analytics and improved operational efficiency. 

Uniphore's AI-driven insights from human conversations

Uniphore, a company that leverages AI to enhance human understanding of conversations, uses Astra DB to manage its data and accelerate processing time. With the belief that conversations are a vital asset for businesses, Uniphore employs AI to extract subtle but valuable insights from human-to-human interactions. 

Watch this video with Saurabh Saxena, Uniphore’s head of technology and engineering R&D, as he highlights the importance of Astra DB in managing the vast datasets generated by Uniphore’s AI systems.

SupPlant's AI-powered solutions for water scarcity and extreme weather challenges

SupPlant harnesses the power of Astra DB and AI to address water scarcity and extreme weather challenges in agriculture. With the belief that data-driven decisions are crucial, SupPlant arms farmers with valuable insights and features through their data analysis. Revital Kremer, the company’s CTO, prioritizes continuous data collection, organization, and accessibility to support informed decision-making. Sudden changes in conditions can make or break a season, so real-time data processing is critical for farmers. SupPlant relies on Astra DB to ensure a solid and efficient infrastructure for their operations. 

Watch this video to learn how Kremmer uses AI and Astra DB to combat water scarcity.

Alpha Ori's journey to efficiency and sustainability 

With roughly 90% of world trade transported by sea, Alpha Ori recognized an opportunity to apply real-time AI predictive analytics to the maritime industry. Its software, which provides real-time intelligent analytics, alerts, and insights to vessel stakeholders, is deployed on nearly 260 ships. Alpha Ori has already made a significant impact, saving 137,000 metric tons of CO2 and 44,000 metric tons of fuel. Real-time data plays a central role in their operations, and effectively managing this data at scale presents a challenge. To overcome the burden of server management, Alpha Ori sought a new database solution and found Astra DB to be the perfect fit. With Astra DB, Alpha Ori realized substantial reductions in effort and costs, with savings of at least tenfold across many of their database clusters. 

Watch this video with Praveen Viswanath, co-founder, and chief architect, to learn how Alpha Ori achieves remarkable efficiency gains, positioning itself as a true digital champion in their industry by leveraging AI and Astra DB.

To learn how other visionaries use real-time data to deliver unprecedented value to their organizations and customers, check out other Digital Champions stories here.

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