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Introducing the Humans of DataStax

At DataStax, we pride ourselves on hiring the most innovative, collaborative, and hard-working people we can find, drawing on our highly distributed and global workforce to propel the company forward.

With more than 65% of our employees being 100% distributed, we have the advantage of being able to pick from a global field of qualified candidates. This also gives us a diverse and interesting team, which we will now be featuring in a series of videos called “Humans of DataStax.”

The first two videos will feature HR Specialist Lynsey Reys-Nickel and Developer Advocate Amanda Moran.  Lynsey, who came to DataStax on a returnship program for people seeking to re-enter the workforce after a long absence, uses her skill from academia to develop and implement global HR programs and processes. Amanda, who recently joined DataStax, works as an intermediary between Cassandra and DataStax developers.

Amanda and Lynsey illustrate our drive to hire people who demonstrate the core behaviors of accountability, visibility, respect, and growth mindset.

Said Amanda: “I’m right there in the middle, helping out our customers and our engineering team. It’s all about creating the best product that we possibly can to make our developers’ lives and our users’ lives easier.” Amanda also spends her time ensuring that DataStax development projects matter to both our customers and our employees.

For Lynsey, working at DataStax was a chance to get back to work with a company whose values align with hers.

“Leadership has been very supportive of my return to the workplace in a returnship position, and I can see that through the demonstration of their core values and core behaviors,” she said. “I have the same core values.”

You can find the full videos here.

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