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 Introducing Hybrid Solutions with VMware Cloud and DataStax

Introducing Hybrid Solutions with VMware Cloud and DataStax

We’re excited to announce consistent data, infrastructure, and application management and operations for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. This advanced DataStax integration builds directly on VMware’s vSphere and VMware Cloud platforms to deliver a uniform experience across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud deployments and enterprise-grade availability.

With hundreds of joint customers, we’ve validated managing DataStax Enterprise (DSE) and DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra™ to provide simple prescriptive approaches to deploying with VMware, and today we’re making that even easier with additional deployment options. We are:

  • Adding to our joint on-premises solutions with prescriptive approaches for hybrid and multi-cloud. 
  • Empowering customers to choose the VM density and high availability (HA) options that work best for their use case, based on the number of DSE nodes per physical host and vSAN FTT, respectively. 

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Hybrid and multi-cloud is all the rage these days, but for our joint customers, it isn’t just hype. The challenges they’re facing in these deployment scenarios are limiting their growth in the following ways: 

  • Cloud Lock-In – Customers need a strong negotiating position with cloud vendors. Overdependence on the vendor’s ecosystem diminishes power in pricing discussions.
  • Uniform Deployments – Customers need to utilize the same tooling to deploy an application stack in development, test, and production environments.
  • Simplified Application Experience – Many customers do development work in the cloud and deploy on-premises for production (or the reverse). Application performance should be uniform across these environments. 

VMware solves these challenges by making the same hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) stack available on-premises and in multiple clouds. Customers can deploy virtual machines in the same way, across data centers and clouds. Our new solution brief shows how DataStax customers can best leverage VMware’s hybrid and multi-cloud solutions. 

Solution Expansion

We launched our initial solution with VMware after a year of testing and collaboration. Both teams were methodical in our respective approaches and we provided a narrow solution set which we had the highest level of confidence in. The feedback was that a database with such broad use cases should have a broad set of integration options. Customers understand their application requirements and we can serve them better by helping them understand the broad solution set and when to use each. Customers originally wanted: 

  • The ability to scale resources UP (add more CPU or DRAM) as well as OUT (traditional node-based scale-out)
  • Non-niche management options for DataStax product infrastructure
  • Quickly delivered test clusters
  • Full-stack management options for security, storage, and administration

In a new white paper, we’re showcasing a more flexible range of options in terms of DSE nodes per ESX hosts as well as additional HA options.

We encourage everyone to join our webinar on August 14 where we’ll discuss these solutions in detail and provide a preview of what we’re showing off at VMworld 2019 in the HCI Zone of the Expo Hall and in our hybrid and multi-cloud talk. 


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