CompanyJanuary 13, 2023

A New Chapter: Introducing Our New Brand

Thomas Been
Thomas BeenCMO, DataStax
A New Chapter: Introducing Our New Brand

This week was a huge milestone for DataStax. We announced the expansion of our mandate to unlock real-time AI at scale for all organizations. After more than a decade building applications used by millions with Apache Cassandra®, we’ve identified what makes the best applications. It’s not only real-time data at scale—it’s their use of AI. They’re built by bringing ML to the data, in Apache Cassandra, instead of moving data to complex and expensive traditional ML architectures based on batch processing. With the acquisition of Kaskada, we’ll make real-time AI accessible to power all applications. Real-time AI is described perfectly in our CEO Chet Kapoor’s blog post.

There could not be a better moment to reaffirm who we are at DataStax. What unites the members of TeamStax, what unites us, is that we’re:

  • Results driven. We’re passionate about technology that impacts our users' and customers’ applications in a tangible way, from scale to market-leading unit economics.
  • Empowering. From education to self-service use and customer success, we’re paving the way for our customers to make valuable and informed progress toward success. 
  • Dynamic. We, along with the open-source community, are constantly looking to solve hard problems fast for our customers so they can focus on building the best applications.

We define the open source technologies we’re contributing to and our cloud services by their:  

  • Impact. Our success is the impact our customers make. We are building services that deliver the best performance on the market at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.
  • Velocity. The most valuable opportunities are short-lived. We remove obstacles to developing, operating, and scaling applications for our customers to succeed.
  • Innovation. We innovate in the open with our communities and customers. Together, we keep pushing the limits of data and technology to build the best applications.

For everyone to understand who we are and how we empower our customers, we’re excited to launch our new brand look. We’re extremely proud of the work done—in-house!, to represent who we are today. There are many aspects, but we’d prefer you experience it rather than read about it. Here are five elements we love the most about our new brand:

  • The brand represents the speed and scale that DataStax uniquely provides to applications with real-time AI.
  • Our “atomic shape” is a triangle. This perfectly balanced shape can be used to represent anything in the world, one point at a time, like real-time data.
  • Our color palette enables contrast and diversity to offer distinct yet coherent experiences to empower our personas, from developers to application owners.
  • The brackets in our logo (did you catch them?) are a tip of the hat to the developers and practitioners that create magic with data and code.
  • It’s a brand for people. From TeamStax members to our world-class customers, we’ve designed a brand that can be worn on hoodies as much as displayed on websites!

Thanks to everyone who was involved in creating and launching the brand. You can all be proud as it marks a new chapter for DataStax.


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