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Introducing Our New Cloud-Native Data Platform: DataStax Constellation

Billy Bosworth
Billy Bosworth
Introducing Our New Cloud-Native Data Platform: DataStax Constellation

Today, we’re announcing DataStax Constellation, our new cloud data platform designed to make hybrid and multi-cloud data management ‘easy and obvious’ in a world where building applications can often be complex and confusing. With Constellation, enterprises will now get the extreme power of our data solutions with push-button simplicity. That power-made-simple will allow our customers to rapidly develop cloud applications with on-prem compatibility, along with smart services for performance monitoring that will span all Cassandra-based deployments, whether on-prem or in the cloud.

DataStax’s masterless architecture uniquely positions us to empower fast application development, no matter the infrastructure configuration or scale and performance needs. In fact, no other database can support hybrid or multi-cloud like we can, which is why 60% of our customers already self manage DataStax deployments in a public cloud.

The benefits from DataStax technology are perfectly suited for modern applications:

  • No single point of failure,
  • Global data distribution and availability for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments,
  • Predictable performance with linear scale, and now,
  • Simplified, cloud-native development, deployment, and management.

Hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures are here to stay, and we will now provide a full spectrum of offerings to match any development and deployment needs. For example, recently we made it even easier for those who want to self-manage in the cloud by partnering with the major marketplace providers. Just two weeks ago, we announced the availability of the DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra in Azure, and last month we announced a partnership with Google. These offerings are necessary for customers who want our technology via a cloud partner, but they are not enough. A complete cloud-native DataStax experience is also required.

With Constellation, we will deliver just that.

Simple and Powerful

Constellation is a modern cloud data platform with smart services that enable rapid cloud application development. It is where data management happens with push-button ease and developer solutions are easy and obvious. The goal? To be the data cloud of choice in a world where data has to be available wherever, whenever, and however people want it. Constellation is designed to take advantage of the best the cloud has to offer and eliminate the worst of what the cloud can create.

The first offerings on Constellation will be DataStax Apache Cassandra as a Service, along with DataStax Insights, our next-generation hosted performance monitoring solution.

Through these offerings, we are making it easier than ever for developers to build powerful applications with familiar tools. DataStax Studio—an intuitive tool designed to help developers build and collaborate using the Cassandra Query Language, DataStax Enterprise Graph, and Spark SQL code—will be integrated with Constellation. We are also making available pre-configured deployment tools that can be downloaded with a click of a button, including our drivers, CQL query tool, and fast bulk-loading utility for moving data from on-premises to the cloud.

Constellation lets you get started with Cassandra in just a few clicks, simplifies development, and makes management easy with a single, integrated console.

Intelligent Monitoring

With Insights, we provide fast and accurate problem resolution with centralized, scalable, and flexible performance monitoring that uses a combination of AI and our years of human expertise working with the largest deployments in the world. At-a-glance health indexes provide an intuitive, single view across all cloud and on-premises deployments. Experts will love the ability to drill down via click-throughs, and AI-powered analysis and recommendations make it easy for novices and busy seasoned professionals alike to tune for better performance. Insights constantly learns about a cluster’s performance to smartly recommend and even automate fixes so that everything runs like a well-oiled machine.

A New Era

Constellation is a leap into a new era at DataStax and a whole new way of making it easy for customers to buy, build, deploy, and manage modern applications in any type of computing environment or infrastructure.

Constellation makes easy what many, if not most, application developers currently find difficult. It makes obvious what companies find challenging and confusing. It simplifies the use of open source software with one of the most powerful distributed databases in the world, and in doing so, empowers enterprises in entirely new ways, and its on-demand pricing is flexible and transparent.  

We are excited to see the profound impact Constellation will have on modern enterprises and cannot wait to release Constellation to unleash the power of Cassandra with cloud-native simplicity. We have no doubt that what our customers will build with this technology will be spectacular!



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