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Ramp-up Easily and Stay Productive with DataStax Enterprise

Drivers Ready for You

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Synchronous and asynchronous APIs with built-in security and more.

DataStax Studio

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An interactive, collaborative tool for developers and analysts.

Easy Learning

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Free training, docs, and a built-in development community at DataStax Academy.

Flexible tooling and ramp-up

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) has all the capabilities you need to ramp up quickly and then stay ramped up.

DataStax Studio and Drivers ensure security while removing the complexities of manual development and tuning. Our documentation, community, and courses deliver comprehensive guidance, on-demand videos, and capabilities to interact with and help you learn from industry peers

Drivers Ready for You

All created to handle distributed deployments. No worries about cluster growth.

Smart. Scalable. Robust.

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DataStax Drivers abstract away complexities so you can focus on building apps.

Native Support

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C/C++, C#, Java, Node.js, ODBC, Python, PHP, Ruby.

Flexible APIs

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All drivers offer both synchronous and asynchronous APIs. Fluent API support in drivers for DSE Graph.


DataStax Studio

An intuitive and collaborative tool for developers, designed to help your Cassandra Query Language (CQL), DSE Graph, and Spark SQL language development. Easily collaborate between developers and analysts with self-documenting notebooks.

Visually Interact with Database Schemas

Visual representations of your schema objects help you understand your models and build them quicker. Navigating and managing complex database schemas can be difficult. To help you easily identify design or model bottlenecks, optimize queries and save time, DataStax Studio also allows you to interact with multiple clusters.

Tune Queries for Faster Performance

DataStax Studio features query profiling for CQL, Spark SQL and Gremlin, providing diagnostic information and execution plan details that let you understand bottlenecks and tune queries for fast performance.

Query and Explore Data with Ease

DataStax Studio features an intelligent editor that simplifies creating complex CQL, Spark SQL, and Gremlin queries. This powerful code editor provides context-aware suggestions and validation, allowing you to write queries without constantly referring to documentation or schemas.

Graph and Data Visualization

The rich set of data visualizations and numerous output formats enable you to surface insights from data and present them in interactive, publication-quality graphics. DataStax Studio features grid, JSON, and plain-text viewers. You can also use results in pie, bar, line, and area charts. Last but not least, DataStax Studio offers a specialized visual interactive graph view enabling you to explore and understand your graph in a variety of ways.

Self-Documenting Notebooks

DataStax Studio provides an intuitive interface for developers and analysts to collaborate by mixing code, documentation, query results, and visualizations into self-documenting notebooks that can be shared with colleagues.

DataStax Loader

Quickly and easily load and unload data into and out of DSE factors faster than manual techniques.

Easy Learning

Easy help is at your fingertips with video courses, documentation, and community.

Free Training

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Learn about DSE with on-demand short courses or comprehensive trainings.


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Sophisticated documentation covers concepts, feature descriptions, and best practices.

Built-In Community

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Interact, learn, and share with DataStax professionals as well as industry peers.

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