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DataStax Apache Kafka Connector

Automatically ingest to DataStax Enterprise using the DataStax Apache Kafka Connector

Performance and Resiliency


Delivers best in class performance and the resiliency of the DataStax Drivers

Simplify your Modern Architecture


No need to write a custom solution or learn DSE Analytics, simply deploy and let the connector do the work

Leverage DSE Advanced Security


Integrates with DSE Advanced Security for secure connection between connector and server

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DataStax Bulk Loader

Easily move data in and out of DataStax Enterprise using DataStax Bulk Loader to jump start your application development.

Blazing Speed


DataStax Bulk Loader is faster than any other solution on the market

Ease of Use


Use the simple command line interface to work with your CSV and JSON data files

Application Development and Data Analysis


Whether you need to get data into the system to start writing your application or unload to perform analysis, this is the tool to accelerate your task

Looking for additional information or ready to start moving data?

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DataStax Studio

An intuitive and collaborative tool for developers, designed to help your Cassandra Query Language (CQL), DSE Graph, and Spark SQL language development. Easily collaborate between developers and analysts with self-documenting notebooks.

Visually Interact with Database Schemas

Visual representations of your schema objects help you understand your models and build them quicker. Navigating and managing complex database schemas can be difficult. To help you easily identify design or model bottlenecks, optimize queries and save time, DataStax Studio also allows you to interact with multiple clusters.

Tune Queries for Faster Performance

DataStax Studio features query profiling for CQL, Spark SQL and Gremlin, providing diagnostic information and execution plan details that let you understand bottlenecks and tune queries for fast performance.

Query and Explore Data with Ease

DataStax Studio features an intelligent editor that simplifies creating complex CQL, Spark SQL, and Gremlin queries. This powerful code editor provides context-aware suggestions and validation, allowing you to write queries without constantly referring to documentation or schemas.

Self-Documenting Notebooks

DataStax Studio provides an intuitive interface for developers and analysts to collaborate by mixing code, documentation, query results, and visualizations into self-documenting notebooks that can be shared with colleagues.

Graph and Data Visualization

The rich set of data visualizations and numerous output formats enable you to surface insights from data and present them in interactive, publication-quality graphics. DataStax Studio features grid, JSON, and plain-text viewers. You can also use results in pie, bar, line, and area charts. Last but not least, DataStax Studio offers a specialized visual interactive graph view enabling you to explore and understand your graph in a variety of ways.

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