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Learn and build with your favorite language and a friendly GUI.
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You’re learning new app-building tools, and we’re here to help,
with drivers, visual development tools, free training, docs,
and a built-in development community.
Drivers ready for you
We have native support for C/C++, C#, Java, Node.js, ODBC, Python, PHP, and Ruby. These drivers are created
specifically to handle distributed deployments, so you don’t have to worry about the growth of your cluster.

All DataStax drivers offer both synchronous and asynchronous APIs as well as higher-level constructs such as
object mappers and query builders.
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DataStax Studio
The best of both worlds – for Cassandra and Graph
An interactive developer’s tool for DataStax Enterprise, DataStax Studio is designed to help your DSE
Core, Cassandra Query Language (CQL), DSE Graph, and Gremlin Query Language development.

DataStax Studio provides an intuitive interface for developers and analysts to collaborate by mixing code,
documentation, query results, and visualizations into self-documenting notebooks.
Visually Interact with Database Schemas
Navigating and managing complex database schemas can be difficult. To help
you save time, DataStax Studio also allows you to interact with multiple DataStax
Enterprise clusters.

No matter which DSE data model you’re working with (graphs or keyspaces),
DataStax Studio provides you with visual representations of your schema
objects, helping you understand your models and build them quicker. The
whiteboard-like view of the graph schema helps you visualize the graph
organization and connections, letting you identify design or model bottlenecks
and implement optimizations. The tree-like view of the keyspaces will allow you
to quickly navigate and understand the structure of your mode
Query and Explore Data with Ease
DataStax Studio features an intelligent editor that simplifies creating complex CQL
and Gremlin queries. This powerful code editor provides context-aware
suggestions and validation, allowing you to write queries without constantly
referring to documentation or schemas.
Tune Queries for Faster Performance
DataStax Studio features query profiling for both CQL and
Gremlin, providing diagnostic information and execution plan
details that let you understand bottlenecks and tune queries for fast performance.
Graph and Data Visualization
The rich set of data visualizations and numerous
output formats enable you to surface insights from
data and present them in interactive,
publication-quality graphics. DataStax Studio
features grid, JSON, and plain-text viewers. You can
also use results in pie, bar, line, and area charts. Last,
but not least, DataStax Studio offers a specialized
interactive graph view enabling you to explore and
understand your graph in a variety of ways.
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