DataStax Apache Kafka® Connector

Bring your streaming data to your database

The Most Performant Apache Kafka® Connector

Written by the authors of the drivers for Apache Cassandra™, the DataStax Apache Kafka® Connector is best-of-breed for streaming data from Kafka into DataStax and Cassandra databases.

Future Proof Your Architecture

Future Proof Your Architecture

Apache Kafka and Cassandra products are the perfect pair for your streaming and globally distributed data requirements. The DataStax Apache Kafka Connector brings these technologies together to serve the needs of microservice and high-ingest deployments.

Make Hybrid Cloud A Reality

Make Hybrid Cloud A Reality

Both Apache Kafka® and Cassandra based products can be deployed anywhere, on-premises or in any cloud. There is no better choice to avoid vendor lock-in for your data ecosystem.

Accelerate Time-To-Market

Accelerate Time-To-Market

Removing the need to write any code, the DataStax Apache Kafka Connector lives in the Kafka Connect framework and does the work of moving data from Apache Kafka® to DataStax and Cassandra databases for development teams.


DataStax Enterprise and Apache Kafka™ for Modern Architectures

DataStax Enterprise and Apache Kafka are designed specifically to fit the needs of modern, next-generation businesses. With DataStax Enterprise (DSE) providing the blazing fast, highly-available hybrid cloud data layer and Apache Kafka™ detangling the web of complex architectures via its distributed...

Technical Guide

DataStax Apache Kafka® Connector Quick Reference Guide

This Quick Reference Guide contains tips and commands for working with the DataStax Apache Kafka “sink” Connector. This connector automatically ingests data from Kafka to DataStax and Cassandra databases, and supports all Kafka message formats, including JSON and Avro.

Key Features


Moves data fast by incorporating the best practices of writing data to Apache Cassandra leveraging partition awareness and asynchronous pipelines.


Built in the standard Kafka Connect framework that allows connector instances to scale horizontally to meet the needs of the workload.

Advanced Security

Uses the most recent version of the DataStax Java Driver and sports all of the DataStax Advanced Security features including LDAP, Active Directory, Kerberos and SSL encrypted channels.

Flexible Mapping

Lets you pick the individual fields in Kafka messages that should be mapped to DataStax columns. Whether it’s JSON or Avro the connector allows for mapping many Kafka topics to many DataStax tables, playing nicely into the common denormalization patterns.

Helpful Resources

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Using the DataStax Apache Kafka® Connector


DataStax Apache Kafka® Connector (Sink)


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The power of Apache Cassandra™ with all the capabilities of advanced graph database technology; an unmatched combination ready to tackle any scalable graph application.

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Download the DataStax Bulk Loader and experience how fast and easy data loading can be.

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