A Most Performant Apache Kafka® Connector

Written by the authors of the drivers for Apache Cassandra™, the DataStax Apache Kafka® Connector is best-in-breed for ingesting data from Apache Kafka® into DataStax products.


Future Proof Your Architecture

Apache Kafka® and DataStax products are the perfect pair for your streaming and globally distributed data requirements. The DataStax Apache Kafka Connector brings these technologies together to serve the needs of microservice and high-ingest deployments.


Make Hybrid Cloud a Reality

Both Apache Kafka® and DataStax products can be deployed anywhere, on-premises or in any cloud. There is no better choice to avoid vendor lock-in for your data ecosystem.


Accelerate Time-to-Market

Removing the need to write any code, the DataStax Apache Kafka Connector lives in the Kafka Connect framework and does the work of moving data from Apache Kafka® to DataStax products for development teams.

Key Features

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