DataStax Bulk Loader

The fastest and easiest way to load data into DataStax and Apache Cassandra™ databases.

Get Your Data Where It Needs to Be - Pronto!

Loading and unloading data with Apache Cassandra™ has never been faster or easier.

Easy Data Migrations

Easy Data Migrations

Move data from existing databases into DataStax databases easily with a utility that resembles RDBMS loaders, but is more powerful.

Simple System Integration

Simple System Integration

Easily move data to and from DataStax databases via flat-file and JSON formatted datasets.

Data At Your User’s Fingertips

Data At Your User’s Fingertips

Your customers will have the fastest possible access to new and updated data in your DataStax databases with the DataStax Bulk Loader.


Introducing DataStax Bulk Loader

UPDATE Dec. 18, 2019: As part of our ongoing support of the Cassandra community, DataStax has made Bulk Loader freely available for Open Source Cassandra users, to make loading and unloading data faster and easier. Learn more here! With DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 6 we’ve introduced one of...

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Technical Guide

DataStax Bulk Loader 1.3.4 (Latest version)

DataStax Bulk Loader efficiently and reliably loads small or large amounts of data, supporting developer and production environments. Using dsbulk, CSV or JSON files can be rapidly loaded or unloaded to or from DSE 3.2 or later or DDAC databases. To migrate data, CSV or JSON files from

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Key Features

Tap into the best engine for loading and unloading Apache Cassandra™ data

4x Faster Than Open Source Load Utilities

The DataStax Bulk Loader outperforms all open source Cassandra load utilities by a wide margin - up to 4x faster for both loading and unloading data.

Handles Multiple Data Types And Formats

All key data types (e.g. dates, times, etc.) and data formats (CSV, tab-delimited, JSON) are supported in the DataStax Bulk Loader.

Secure Data Loading And Unloading

The DataStax Bulk Loader is completely secure and comes with advanced security features that prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Familiar and Simple Interface

If you’re used to RDBMDS load utilities and their data handling, you’ll be right at home with the DataStax Bulk Loader. Nothing new to learn.

Try it on Astra DB

Drag and drop a single file to the web console, or click to select. CSV files smaller than 40 MB are supported.

Try it with Astra CLI

The Astra CLI will install and auto configure DS Bulk for your Astra DB instance.

Datastax Database Solutions

Databases built for modern applications and the cloud.

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Easily stream data and events into DataStax databases with the most advanced Apache Kafka® connector available for Apache Cassandra™.

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DSE Graph

The power of Apache Cassandra™ with all the capabilities of advanced graph database technology; an unmatched combination ready to tackle any scalable graph application.

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