CompanyApril 27, 2021

Listen to Advice Technology Leaders Would Give Their Younger Selves on Inspired Execution

Listen to Advice Technology Leaders Would Give Their Younger Selves on Inspired Execution

Today, the seventh installment of the season drops, featuring a conversation between Chet and Steve Mills, Global CIO at iHeartMedia, in an episode called “Keep Your Finger on the Pulse: Problem-Solving & Podcasting with Global CIO of iHeartMedia.” To ensure you don’t miss any episodes of Inspired Execution, join our mailing list and receive notifications when every new episode is released.

Haven’t had a chance to listen to the last few episodes of Inspired Execution? Here’s a brief summary of each of them to give you a better idea of what you’re missing.

What You Don’t Know Helps You Grow: Lifelong Learning with PayPal’s EVP & CTO Sri Shivananda

“The inspiration that comes through plain observation of your surroundings and other people around you is huge. And if you have the capability to observe, learn, and aspire to be a better self each day, there's no end, you just keep going.” — Sri Shivananda

When he was growing up, Sri Shivananda wasn’t thinking about going into technology. Instead, he imagined himself as a pilot in the Indian Air Force. After a few attempts, he had a change of heart and decided to become an engineer, and the rest, as they say, is history. In this episode, Sri talks about what fascinates him about computing, how he ended up at eBay and PayPal, how PayPal is focused on bringing financial services to people who have been excluded in the past, and why cross-functional alignment is so important to organizational success.

Data is the New Plutonium: A Conversation with Macquarie’s Chief Digital Officer Luis Uguina

“Don't try to create a bucket of expertise where you are going to be transforming the world from a small team. Try to have everyone onboard.” — Luis Uguina 

To Luis Uguina, nothing is more personal than finance, and the level of transformation impacting the banking industry today is unbelievable. Tune in to this episode to learn why Luis thinks banks have traditionally approached customers the wrong way, how to successfully enact digital transformation initiatives at banks, and why folks entering the workforce shouldn’t be scared to follow their gut instincts.

‘A Letter to My Younger Self’ with Goldman Sachs Global Head of Transaction Banking Hari Moorthy

“Understanding what your inner mind says goes a long way. It's the foundation of how we come to peace with ourselves and really how we start listening to others.” — Hari Moorthy

Hari Moorthy began his career in fintech before anyone called it fintech. Working at Goldman Sachs, he found himself in the middle of the financial storm in the aftermath of the 2007–2008 financial collapse. After joining JP Morgan Chase, Hari has returned to Goldman in an industry that’s changed considerably over the interim period. Listen in to learn about how he uses mindfulness and meditation to improve his career, the link between imagination and innovation, the importance of listening to yourself, and how the pandemic has validated Hari’s team’s work.

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