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A podcast Series With Chet Kapoor

Greg Sly
E9 Greg Sly, SVP Platforms and Infrastructure at Verizon

Greg Sly, SVP of Platforms and Infrastructure at Verizon, has nearly three decades of experience driving innovation and operational efficiencies for organizations. In this episode, he talks about maintaining employee morale during times of change, delivering an experience the customer wants and learning how to listen to others. Greg also shares what he's currently reading and which three people he'd invite to a dinner party.

Hosted by DataStax Chairman and CEO Chet Kapoor, Inspired Execution is a Q&A-style podcast series featuring technology leaders from global enterprises. Each episode will follow a leader on their journey to scaling a multi-billion dollar business while inspiring and energizing their teams. You will hear their stories, their unique perspectives, the advice they’d tell their younger selves and much more.

As technology leaders work to power modern data apps with simplicity and true cloud economics (at scale), Inspired Execution focuses on how to spark transformation, overcome challenges and celebrate innovation.

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Jeetu Patel
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Guest Bios

Jeetu Patel

Jeetu Patel

SVP & GM, Security & Collaboration Division at Cisco

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Charlotte Yarkoni headshot

Charlotte Yarkoni

Chief Operating Officer, Cloud + AI Division at Microsoft

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Greg Sly

Greg Sly

SVP Platforms and Infrastructure at Verizon

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Aref Matin

Aref Matin

EVP & CTO at Wiley

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Chet Kapoor

Chet Kapoor is Chairman and CEO of DataStax. Prior to DataStax, Chet served as the CEO of Apigee and took it public, prior to Google’s acquisition in 2016. He is a proven leader and innovator in the tech industry with more than 20 years of experience working with global enterprises.