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Excerpt of Getting Started with NoSQL and Apache Cassandra™
Next Steps

This is an excerpt from the DataStax eBook Getting Started with NoSQL and Apache Cassandra™; which delves into how to migrate to Apache Cassandra™ and build the next generation of powerful applications. Click here to download the full eBook.

Next Steps

Take a Learning Path to gain an expert understanding of Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise principles related to your role. Each Learning Path is composed of a sequence of recommended courses for your role, curated by our curriculum engineers. When you complete your path, you will receive a printable Certificate of Completion. You can follow your progress along the path in the chart below and switch to a different path at any time.

  Administrator Architect Developer Graph Specialist
DS101: Introduction to Apache Cassandra™ Included Included Included Included
DS201: DataStax Enterprise 6 Foundations of Apache Cassandra™ Included Included Included Included
DS210: DataStax Enterprise 6 Operations with Apache Cassandra™ Included Included N/A N/A
DS220: DataStax Enterprise 6 Practical Application Data Modeling with Apache Cassandra™ N/A Included Included Included
DS330: DataStax Enterprise 6 Graph N/A N/A N/A Included



Moving to Apache Cassandra with DataStax is faster and easier than ever before. That means that you can use the same technology that’s powering the world’s leading enterprises—like Capital One, Cisco, Comcast, Delta Airlines, eBay, Macy’s, McDonald’s, Safeway, Sony, and Walmart—and be up and running in no time.

As the world’s leading Cassandra experts, DataStax provides the community with online training, certification, and full documentation; DataStax Examples provide sample code for developers to reference and shorten the path to getting started. You can also access DataStax expertise directly through professional services and support options that can ensure the right level development or deployment help whenever you need it in your journey.

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Thanks for reading the final excerpt from the DataStax eBook Getting Started with NoSQL and Apache Cassandra™; click here to download the full asset.

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