1. Download

OK, you can do this! Start by downloading the latest version of DataStax Enterprise (DSE); if you need a different version, check out the full list here.

Also, if you're just starting out small, you can even run DataStax Enterprise on your desktop! Head over to DataStax Labs and download DataStax Desktop to give it a try.

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2. Install DSE

You're almost there! Use these straightforward installation instructions to get up and running quickly.

Other advanced installation options can be found here.

3. Get DataStax Studio

DataStax Studio is a visual developer tool that makes it easy for developers to write queries, slice and dice your data through visualizations, and collaborate with teammates in an intuitive notebook-based development environment.

Download the right package for your platform and follow the installation instructions now to access the Getting Started Tutorial Notebooks.

Download the right package for your platform

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