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Safe, Secure, Restorable: DataStax Astra Now Offers Automated Backups

Craig Kitterman
Craig Kitterman
Safe, Secure, Restorable: DataStax Astra Now Offers Automated Backups

Recovering from application-level data loss or corruption with DataStax Astra just got easier. 

As of Feb. 25, all new databases created on Astra are serverless. Now, these clusters are automatically backed up once per hour, and these snapshots are stored for 20 days. If you encounter an issue with your data and would like to restore the database to a previous state, you can contact DataStax support less than 20 calendar days after the desired backup state. Data can be restored only to the same cluster from which the automated backup was taken. Users who created databases prior to Feb. 25, will continue to have access to backups, and the ability to restore with no change in behavior.

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Backups and restores are a huge benefit provided by Astra. They free your SREs and DBAs from mundane, non-value added tasks. Even better, restores are done by experts at DataStax, expeditiously and without the risk of data loss. However, If you ever decide to terminate your database, all data (including all previous backups) is destroyed and won’t be recoverable.

For more detailed documentation on automated backup and restore, visit our Astra documentation.

This simple automated backup is just the beginning of a growing set of capabilities that will enhance your ability to manage your data snapshots in Astra; in the works is the ability to do so from directly within the Astra console. If you have any questions or feedback on data snapshots, backup or restore, please reach out to the Astra team at  

If you don’t yet have an Astra database, get started today by simply registering for an account at and use your Google or GitHub account to sign in (or you can sign up using any email address).

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