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Two Accelerate Talks Certain to Cause ‘Sparks’

There are going to be so many amazing talks this year at DataStax Accelerate. But one of the talks I’m particularly excited for is “To Spark or Not to Spark” by Russell Spitzer.

I feel like this talk is the perfect pairing with my talk, “Lightening A Spark with Machine Learning”. While my talk will focus on the practical “what and how” of machine learning with Apache Spark™ and Apache Cassandra™, Russell’s will focus mostly on the  “why”.

Russell will cover the best and most accessible use cases for using distributed analytics with Spark and DataStax Analytics. Russell will also talk about advanced use cases using Spark’s streaming service. I will be sitting in the front row to make sure I get to ask the first question: “How is Spark streaming different than Apache Kafka™!?” Russel will also be covering some of the “what and how” that my talk will not be covering, such as using Spark to load data, modify tables, and move data from cluster to cluster. These are the topics I am frequently asked about, so I am excited to finally get my own questions answered!

I can not wait to hear this talk and I think it’s the perfect pairing to my talk—like peanut butter and jelly! And of course the answer is: “TO SPARK!”

Come check out both our talks at Accelerate!

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