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zData Confirms DSE 6 Outperforms Open Source Cassandra

zData Confirms DSE 6 Outperforms Open Source Cassandra

We felt confident that the performance work our engineers put into DataStax Enterprise 6 (DSE 6) was going to push our solution’s speed into overdrive, but it’s nice when a very experienced independent source confirms it. We were excited when zData wanted to benchmark the work our team had done against open source Cassandra, and were even more thrilled to see that the results they obtained exceeded our own goals we’d set for the effort.

One of the DSE 6 additions is DSE Advanced Performance, which is a suite of performance optimizations and tools designed to increase throughput, reduce latency, and greatly improve the speed at which raw data is both loaded and unloaded. To verify we hit the mark with these objectives, the folks at zData decided on an IoT-patterned benchmark and ran a different series of workloads on a cluster they built on AWS.

Our own internal goal for DSE Advanced Performance was an out-of-the-box (i.e. nothing you have to do) 2x speedup in throughput. The team at zData found that we not only hit that objective but actually blew past it in some cases, achieving a 3x performance boost with a 10x reduction in latency! Check out their blog post by Shawn Hall on their work as well as the white paper DataStax Enterprise 6 vs. Apache Cassandra Benchmark Report they’ve written on the benchmark.

This is just one example of why we believe your enterprise will greatly benefit from running DSE over its open source and other Cassandra-styled projects. In a world where application slowdowns practically equate to downtime, you want to ensure you don’t keep your customers waiting.

Download DSE 6 today and give it a try yourself. Also, for more details on what our engineers have done to make DSE 6 so fast, give our short white paper on DSE Advanced Performance a read.

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