Cassandra 4.1 upgrades extensibility, operations and security

Congratulations to the Cassandra community for innovating atop a powerful and stable core.

Journey with open source to the outer reaches of database low latency, high availability, and global scale!

Cassandra 4.1 upgrades extensibility, operations and security

What’s getting upgraded?

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Extensibility, plus new features for operators, developers and an ehanced security posture. Check out these great resources that go into much more detail!

“The latest release emphasizes externalizing important key functions into a pluggable interface, allowing developers to extend Cassandra without altering the stable core code. This includes storage engine choice, security components, schema and user management. Users of Cassandra will see the decoupled innovation in the ecosystem in the future without the need for a major release of the project.”

Apache Foundation Blog on Cassandra 4.1 GA

Extensibility in Cassandra 4.1

Storage — Pluggable memtable implementations for things like fast memory storage and columnar formats.

Schema — External schema storage in a remote service such as etcd is now an option.

Authentication — This change allows for the Cassandra command-line tool, CQLSH, to use LDAP, Kerberos and other auth methods.

Network Encryption — Extension point, allowing external key providers (e.g. as HashiCorp Vault) to make key management easier in large deployments.

Guardrails — Restrict anti-patterns in your production environment:

  • Disabling certain features.
  • Disallowing some specific values, like limiting the number of indexes that can be added to a table.
  • Defining soft and hard limits to certain database magnitudes.

Extensible to create your own!

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