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Blast Off with Certainty, Growth, and Efficiency for Open-Source Apache Cassandra™

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All the Benefits of Apache Cassandra, with Peace of Mind

Zero Downtime

Zero Downtime

Built on Apache Cassandra’s active-everywhere architecture for 24×7×365 availability.

Linear Scalability

Linear Scalability

Scale out to any number of nodes to keep up with the high demands of modern workloads.

High Performance

High Performance

Blisteringly fast writes and reads to create “no waiting” customer experiences.

Enterprise Support

Enterprise Support

Best practices, advice, and SLA-based support to keep your Cassandra in top shape.

Cloud-Native Support

Cloud-Native Support

Support for K8ssandra, the cloud native open source Cassandra distribution for Kubernetes.

Data API Support

Data API Support

Support for accessing Cassandra using Document (JSON), REST, GraphQL, and gRPC APIs.

CDC Support

CDC Support

Create real-time pipeline into Cassandra, or from Cassandra to downstream systems such as search, analytics, or other Cassandra clusters.

Get Support For Apache Cassandra Today

DataStax Luna subscribers enjoy all the benefits of open source software plus peace of mind from direct access to engineers, and C* committers who have authored a majority of the Cassandra code and supported some of the largest and most mission-critical Cassandra deployments for the past 10 years.

Pricing Plans

Luna for Apache Cassandra Standard

For production environments of all sizes

  • Node-based pricing
  • 24x7 coverage
  • Unlimited tickets
  • 1 hour urgent response time
  • 12 Success Architect days (at 150+ nodes)
  • Support for additional open source projects including K8ssandra (at 150+ nodes)

Premium Support Add-On

An enterprise partnership for open source success

  • Access to Named Engineer/Technical Account Manager
  • 15 minute urgent response time
  • Engineering escalation
  • Community approved patch support
  • Long term support for Apache Cassandra versions beyond end of support from the project

Need Emergency Cassandra Support?

Free Consultationno credit card required
Mobile Pay TM
We have a large number of Cassandra nodes running a variety of applications critical to our business. Some are DataStax and others are open source. We welcome DataStax support and expertise across all our Cassandra deployments and are excited about today’s new service.

Rune Birkemose Jakobsen

Senior Development Manager, MobilePay

We had to reduce the volume of data stored and improve our efficiency as part of our upgrade approach. With help from DataStax, we went from around 60 percent capacity on our messaging cluster to just under 30 percent capacity. That is a huge efficiency gain that we were able to deliver.

Matthew Hirst

Head of Server Side Engineering, Hornet

Still Have Questions?

Luna is a subscription to the Apache Cassandra expertise at DataStax. It allows subscribers to enjoy all the benefits of open source software, with the peace of mind from direct access to the team that has authored the majority of the Cassandra code and backed some of the largest deployments in the world.

DataStax Luna subscribers can develop and deploy applications with confidence. Luna subscribers can get help with general-purpose and technical questions for their open-source Cassandra deployments, and if an issue is encountered, DataStax is there to help.

Yes. Custom plans and expert Open Source Consulting are available for unique or large scale deployments. Contact us directly at for more details.

No. Luna can only be used with nodes that run unmodified Apache Cassandra.

Yes. Luna covers Apache Cassandra running with any deployment model (e.g. on-premises, cloud, hybrid etc.).

Please contact our sales team at

Please contact our sales team at

No, DataStax Enterprise comes with support. Current subscribers can file tickets at

No, DDAC users will need to migrate to OSS for Luna support.

Luna provides assistance with resolving issues and following best practices with clusters. Services provide help through the full application life cycle, with a deeper integration in your team working together on implementation.

Astra DB reduces TCO by 85% compared to self-managed Apache Cassandra

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GigaOm reports Astra DB has 95% less staffing costs, 80% less infrastructure costs and 3x less complexity than self-managed Apache Cassandra. Ready to start saving?

Read the GigaOM Report

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