Luna Streaming

Production-ready Apache Pulsar with expert support

Experience the power of real-time streaming from certified Apache Pulsar™ with peace of mind.


Certified distribution of Apache Pulsar with tools and support

Massive scale

Seamlessly expand capacity to hundreds of nodes with a multi-layer approach that separates compute from storage.

Massive scale

High availability

Combine cluster level high-availability, and integrated geo-replication of messages across data centers or regions for advanced resiliency.

High availability


Certified for any Kubernetes conformant distribution, Luna Streaming eliminates the need for independent validation with validated installs, upgrades and critical patches.


Operational visibility

Simplify deployment and maintain operations to prevent system interruptions through comprehensive monitoring.

Operational visibility

Peace of mind

Support open-source Apache Pulsar in production with compliance and governance; access best practices, advice, and SLA-based support for optimum performance.

Peace of mind

Data pipelines

Use Luna Streaming with to enable use cases such as advanced replication, full-text search, AI/ML, and more.

Data pipelines

Real-time data in action

“Our job is to help companies make complex and measurable decisions by mining the data that defines their business. Our work with DataStax enables us to unlock the power of data and event streaming on a global scale.”

Vish Canaran
Data Science Officer at Liquid Analytics

“Streaming with Apache Pulsar simplifies and accelerates app modernization for enterprises by offering enterprise-grade support. We are working with DataStax to bring this to all our clients as they accelerate their modernization journey.”

Sandeep Kalra
CEO, Member of the Board at Persistent Systems



What is Event Streaming?

Event streaming is capturing and moving data from producers of data (microservices, consumer apps, IoT devices, etc.) to consumers of the data (other microservices, databases, apps). Messaging and streaming platforms are used to manage event streaming data.

What is Apache Pulsar?

Pulsar​ is a cloud-native, distributed messaging and streaming platform that manages hundreds of billions of events per day. Apache Pulsar has evolved extensively since its inception to meet the needs of real-time streaming use cases, including data pipelines and stream processing.

What is Apache Pulsar typically used for?

Common use cases are:

  1. Microservices use Apache Pulsar to communicate events and share states amongst them.
  2. Applications use Apache Pulsar to stay updated and consume data in real time.
  3. Data scientists use Pulsar to capture all events, process the data from the events, and build predictive models for insights and decisions
  4. Sensors & IoT devices stream raw sensor data from millions of devices with millions of readings per second using Apache Pulsar, and enrich that data with contextual information.

What are the benefits of Apache Pulsar compared to other event streaming platforms?

Pulsar is cloud-native, supports multi-data center active/active configurations, and is much easier to scale.

What is Luna Streaming for Apache Pulsar?

Luna Streaming is an entirely free, production-ready distribution of Apache Pulsar, with tools and expert support from DataStax. With Luna Streaming, customers can install and operate large-scale Apache Pulsar deployments with peace of mind.

How does Luna Streaming benefit open source Apache Pulsar users?

Luna Streaming customers can develop and deploy real-time streaming applications with confidence. Customers can get best practices and advice for their large-scale Pulsar deployments. If an issue is encountered, DataStax is there to help with break/fix and performance tuning and other issues.

Do you need to subscribe to a support tier to use the Luna Streaming Distribution of Apache Pulsar?

No, the Luna Streaming distribution of Apache Pulsar is always free. Our engineers provide critical patches when needed and validate installation and upgrade paths so there are no surprises when you upgrade to a newer version.

Can I use DataStax Luna Streaming with CDC for Cassandra?

Yes. In fact, DataStax Luna Streaming is a key component of DataStax and brings in world-class expertise of DataStax engineers for enabling CDC use cases around advanced replication, full-text search, AI/ML, and more.

Can I use Luna Streaming with both cloud and on-premises deployments?

Yes. Luna Streaming covers Apache Pulsar running with any deployment model (e.g. on-premises, cloud, hybrid etc.).


Luna Streaming

Experience the power of real-time streaming from certified Apache Pulsar™ with peace of mind.

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