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A production-ready distribution of Apache Pulsar with 24/7 expert enterprise support

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Our job is to help companies make complex and measurable decisions by mining the data that defines their business. Our work with DataStax enables us to unlock the power of data and event streaming on a global scale. With DataStax, Liquid Decisions will provide customers secure, real-time decisions. Together, Liquid Analytics and DataStax enable customers to respond to business changes faster than ever before.

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Data Science Officer, Liquid Analytics

Your Path to Streaming Success

Apache Pulsar is becoming the distributed messaging and streaming platform of choice for enterprises and cloud native developers because it offers superior scalability and resilience.

Luna Streaming consists of a completely free, production-ready distribution of Apache Pulsar, tools and optional enterprise-class support.

Get peace of mind with live support and expertise from a dedicated staff of highly skilled engineers who are experts at operating distributed Apache Pulsar clusters at scale.

What is Luna Streaming?

Production-ready Distribution of Apache Pulsar | Admin & Monitoring Tools | Enterprise Support


Production-ready Distribution of Apache Pulsar

Regression tested and certified to work on any Kubernetes conformant distribution. Patches for serious bug fixes and a validated upgrade path to new releases.

Admin & Monitoring Tools

Pulsar Admin console UI for common admin tasks, Pulsar Heartbeat for monitoring, and Helm Chart for simplified deployment and operations.

Enterprise Support and Expertise

24/7 access to Apache Pulsar experts for break/fix, help with identifying best practices and optimizing clusters for peak performance.


Certified Distribution

Eliminates the need for independent testing to validate that Apache Pulsar will run correctly in your environment. Installs and upgrades are smooth, and patches are available when needed.

Monitoring and Visibility

Verify your Pulsar clusters are operating optimally and receive alerts of any potential problems that may impact the health of your Pulsar deployment.

Peace of Mind

Rest assured when using open-source software backed by SLAs and SLOs in production environments. Meet your open-source governance and compliance requirements.

Get the Luna Streaming Distribution

Luna Streaming Pricing Plans

Luna Streaming Standard

For production environments of all sizes

    Premium Support Add-On*

    An enterprise partnership for open source success

      * For a limited time through January 31, 2022, Luna Streaming customers with <100 nodes can purchase the first year of a Premium Support subscription add-on at a 50% discount (reverts to normal list pricing upon renewal). DataStax reserves the right to revise this offer at any time.

      Still Have Questions?

      Luna Streaming is both a completely free, production-ready distribution of Apache Pulsar, tools and optional subscription to enterprise-class support. It gives enterprises a partnership with DataStax to operate Apache Pulsar with support to launch, tune, and troubleshoot large scale event streaming deployments.

      Pulsar​ is a cloud-native, distributed messaging and streaming platform that manages hundreds of billions of events per day. Evolved extensively since its inception to meet the needs of real-time event streaming use-cases, including data pipelines, microservices, and stream processing. Pulsar was originally developed at Yahoo! as the unified messaging platform connecting critical Yahoo applications such as Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Mail, and Flickr to data.

      Common use cases are:

      1) Microservices need to communicate events and share state between them.

      2) Apps need to update and consume data in real-time.

      3) Data scientists need to capture all events, process the data to build predictive models

      4) Sensors & IOT devices need to stream raw sensor data from millions of devices scaling to millions of readings per second, and enrich that raw sensor data with contextual information.

      No, the Luna Streaming distribution of is always free. Our engineers provide patches when needed and validate upgrade paths so there are no surprises when you upgrade to a newer version.

      Pulsar is cloud-native, supports multi data center, active/active configurations and is much easier to scale.

      Luna Streaming subscribers can develop and deploy applications with confidence. Subscribers can get help with general-purpose and technical questions for their open-source Pulsar deployments, and if an issue is encountered, DataStax is there to help. It can help meet your organization's compliance or governance guidelines for using open-source software.

      Yes, you can use DataStax Luna Streaming. In fact, DataStax Luna Streaming is a key component of and brings in world-class expertise of DataStax engineers for enabling the CDC use cases around advanced replication, full-text search, scalable apps on microservices, AI/ML, and more.TypographyAg

      Yes. Luna Streaming covers Apache Pulsar running with any deployment model (e.g. on-premises, cloud, hybrid etc.).

      Event streaming is capturing and moving data from producers of data (microservices, consumer apps, IoT devices, etc.) to consumers of data (other microservices, databases, apps).


      The Cost Savings of Replacing Kafka with Pulsar

      GigaOm reports better performance and a 3 year savings of up to 81% when using Pulsar over Kafka.

      Get the Luna Streaming Distribution

      Multi-cloud Streaming-as-a-Service Built on Apache Pulsar™

      Apache Pulsar Resources

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