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Security Best Practices for Apache Pulsar

Apache Pulsar is rapidly becoming the go-to technology for enterprises that want to modernize their event driven architectures to provide real time data processing capabilities across their organization. As the volume of real time messages and events grows, so does the sensitivity of the data being processed by Apache Pulsar. In turn, the need to ensure that Pulsar is configured securely and that the necessary safeguards have been implemented to prevent data breaches and other risks to this data is a critical factor for enterprises when adopting this technology.

Fortunately, Apache Pulsar has been built from the ground up to provide a foundation of security. DataStax has extended this even further to provide an enterprise ready distribution of Apache Pulsar through the DataStax Luna Streaming product.

In this white paper we will walk through common aspects of security that you should take into account when implementing Apache Pulsar. We will also provide you with a guide to securely configure and operate DataStax Luna Streaming using many of the standard features found in Apache Pulsar as well as capabilities such as SSO integration and enterprise authentication/authorization which are exclusive to DataStax Luna Streaming.

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