Astra DB: The no-compromise, serverless, cloud-agnostic DBaaS

A fully managed, cloud-native database built on Apache Cassandra™ that provides unparalleled price/performance, best-in-class capabilities, and now, Amazon DynamoDB data migration in just a few clicks.

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No cloud vendor lock-in, freedom of choice for developers, and Amazon DynamoDB migration made simple

Astra DB is cloud agnostic. It spans multiple data centers or cloud regions and can be deployed in AWS, GCP, and Azure, while maintaining compatibility with open-source Apache Cassandra. Built-in API flexibility, including Document (JSON), REST, GraphQL, and gRPC, means developers don’t have to learn complex, proprietary APIs for application development. They can quickly build and deploy cloud-native apps cost-effectively in NoSQL.


Migrate to Astra DB for a cloud-agnostic, developer-friendly DBaaS and get more capabilities at a lower TCO

Price/performance optimized, at scale

  • Consumption-based, predictable cloud economics
  • As good or better performance (throughput and latency) than Amazon DynamoDB with up to 50% lower TCO

Fast forward by adopting best-in-class technology now

  • Freedom of choice
  • Expand on any cloud, burn down existing cloud credits
  • Build on open innovation
  • Fully compatible with open source Apache Cassandra

Unlock developer productivity and accelerate new business value

  • REST, GraphQL, gRPC, JSON Document, and CQL APIs for ALL developers and application styles
  • Freedom to use tools of choice

Enjoy enhanced capabilities with no compromise

  • Astra DB supports larger payloads than DynamoDB offers
  • Astra DB also supports user-defined types (UDTs) for complex use cases.


Cassandra-based DBaaS for high-growth applications with increased capabilities and less cost than Amazon DynamoDB

Astra DB reduces deployment time from weeks to minutes while delivering an unprecedented combination of pay-as-you-go pricing and the freedom and agility of multi-cloud and open source.

Easy data migration from Amazon DynamoDB

  • A serverless loader can be kicked off from the Astra DB console.
  • Historical data from Amazon DynamoDB can be loaded into Astra DB with just a few clicks.
  • No downloads, no set-up, and no coding required.

Up to 50% lower TCO

Astra DB delivers up to 50% lower TCO on an annual basis, while delivering greater features and fewer limitations than Amazon DynamoDB.


2-Regions (us-east / us-west)

4TB Sustained Storage

1000 TPS / 75% Write / 25% Read

More value with a 50% price reduction

Newly announced 50% price reduction in write operations delivers an unprecedented combination of serverless, pay-as-you-go pricing.

Choosing the Best Data Stack

Learn how Astra DB, a cloud agnostic, developer-friendly DBaaS offers more capabilities and performance at a lower TCO than Amazon DynamoDB

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Migrating DynamoDB Data to Astra DB

Customer Success

Learn how DataStax Astra DB provides Endowus with enterprise-grade features for its Cassandra environment, in addition to the efficiency and flexibility of a cloud-agnostic managed database service.

The solution leverages DataStax contributions to the Stargate Data API Gateway, which eliminates drivers and the need for Endowus developers to learn Cassandra Query Language (CQL). With Stargate, the team can use a unified gateway and modern APIs including schemaless JSON, REST, and GraphQL for streamlined development.

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