Answering “What’s in Your Wallet?” With Digital Transformation

Most people know about Capital One’s credit card dominance and “What’s in Your Wallet?” commercials, but not many people know how the banking and financial services industry (BFSI) powerhouse managed to pull off one of the biggest enterprise-level digital transformations of the 21st century.

This customer success story shows just what’s possible in BFSI with a distributed, easily scalable cloud database built for hybrid cloud and designed for bringing powerful applications to the fore quickly and effectively.

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Case Study

Capital One Answers "What's In Your Wallet?" With DataStax Enterprise

A financial industry leader as famous for its credit cards as its Samuel L. Jackson-starring “What’s in your wallet?” commercials, Capital One’s applications generate huge amounts of data, the mining of which has become of paramount importance for making critical business decisions. The stringent service level agreement (SLA) requirement of 99.99% uptime and the need to quickly process large amounts of data made DataStax Enterprise a natural choice for Capital One.

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Streamlining AWS AMI Refresh and Resiliency for DataStax Enterprise Powering a Mission-Critical Platform at Capital One

DataStax Enterprise Cassandra is a core component powering Capital One’s Rewards One platform that services all of Capital One customers' credit card transactions for rewards. Learn how the Capital One Rewards team streamlined AMI refresh and handled resiliency for the DSE Cassandra clusters on AWS with zero down time and zero data loss by following engineering best practices such as automation, infrastructure as code and immutable infrastructure.

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"DSE Search is very versatile in nature and provides many options to query the data, including ranged queries, regular expression based search, non-equality based search and faceted queries - which are all tempting to use."

Javed Roshan, Director of Data Services

Director Data Services, CapitalOne

The Opportunity


Capital One needed to be able to significantly speed up its data processing and analysis in order to make much faster data-based decisions. It needed to quickly build a new, real-time reporting and analytics platform.

This new platform needed to have almost continuous availability with an uptime SLA of 99.99% and needed to be have extremely high throughput for same-day financial decision-making. It also needed to be able to scale linearly and reliably.

Capital One needed a distributed database that could handle multiple data sources and destinations and provide powerful reporting tools that allowed fast time to market and quick adaptability to thrive in the Right-Now Economy.

The Solution

The Results


Million rows of data consolidated from Capital One’s legacy databases


Million rows in DataStax Enterprise handling the same data previously contained in 11.8 million rows

21,000 B

Transactions per second — Performance capability of Capital One’s new data platform