Scaling a Data Center Army with DataStax

The world’s leading provider of colocation data centers, Equinix handles massive volumes of data for customers ranging from the Amazons and Microsofts of the world to smaller enterprises using Equinix to connect to networks and clouds. 

Data was piling up too fast for Equinix, way too fast for its relational database, and it needed something that could scale easily to support its data expansion.

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"Cassandra’s peer-to-peer architecture guarantees no single point of failure to collect and store streaming data from infrastructure instruments and enables us to write and read from any node with minimal latency."

Praveen Kumar, Sr. Manager of Emerging Technologies

Sr. Manager of Emerging Technologies, Equinix

The Opportunity

Equinix offers a network-neutral colocation data center platform that serves clients in over 44 metros in 21 countries. In 2013, approximately 90% of the U.S. Internet traffic flew through Equinix’s platform.

Equinix went from less than 50 data centers in 2008 to 200 data centers today. To guarantee optimal data center performance and network traffic health to its customers, Equinix aggregates streaming data for monitoring, troubleshooting, and customer billing.

The inflexibility of relational databases made it difficult to accommodate varying and growing data sets. Also, the inability to efficiently process real-time streaming data without constraining storage as well as compute resources created latency issues.

The Solution

The Results


Data centers across 52 markets globally


Organic expansion projects currently underway


Consecutive quarters of revenue growth