Datastax Provides HealthCare Anytime with a Strategic Competitive Advantage as They Improve Patients’ Medical Care

Terrell Deppe, CTO at HealthCare Anytime, says that the company’s solutions are distinctive in the way that they make healthcare more affordable and approachable for patients and their healthcare providers.

“Our solution is hosted in a cloud environment, and is agnostic in the way it integrates with various electronic health record (EHR) and healthcare information system (HIS) vendors. That makes us pretty unique: We are like the Switzerland of healthcare,” Deppe says. “Hospitals, clinics and physician practices enjoy the benefits of patient engagement without being locked into a particular EMR/HIS vendor. We travel and grow with them as their needs change and their business evolves.”

I had been looking for a Holy Grail solution to fit our big data needs and full text searching appeared to be the missing link. Large database vendors were not able to provide us with cost effective solutions so when DataStax came out with support for Solr in DataStax Enterprise, we became intensely interested.

Terrell Deppe

CTO, HealthCare Anytime

The Opportunity

Smartly consume, analyze, and search both high velocity data coming into its online healthcare patient and provider portal systems.

Manage the large amounts of existing data that was already being maintained in a way that was cost effective.

The Solution