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Financial Exchanges at the Speed of Real Time

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) builds and operates global financial and commodity markets, including the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). To be able to design powerful and innovative applications that connect investors and traders with real-time financial information, they rely on one key function: harnessing and analyzing massive volumes of real-time data with high reliability.

This is a true example of real-time data in action and the power of an always-on cloud database.

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For ICE, we need to provide information to the customer as to what kind of trade happened, when it happened and where it happened, and this needs to occur in real time at massive scale. For such use cases, a distributed, scalable data layer like DataStax Enterprise that remains always on is a very good fit.

– Ajit Singh, Director of Data Technology Platforms at ICE

The Opportunity

ICE needed to be able provide reliable real-time financial data to traders, risk managers, brokers, and investors to help enable them to make better investment decisions and meet ever-stricter compliance obligations.

Handling massive amounts of extremely volatile financial data means harnessing the power of a cloud database to ensure this data is accurate, timely, safe, and easily accessible for innovative, always-on applications.

ICE needed a data management solution for two new business-critical applications—one for bonds and one for derivatives—that required an always-on, distributed cloud database with real-time search and analytics.

The Solution

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Advanced Performance

DSE 6 offers double the performance of the previous version of DSE and has now been independently verified as being at least twice as fast as open source Apache Cassandra.

Data Autonomy

Data Autonomy means having full control of your data and freedom to move it wherever you want, whenever you want.

Apache Cassandra

The open source core of our technology and greatness we are built on, Apache Cassandra offers power and flexibility like no other database.

DataStax Enterprise

DataStax Enterprise (DSE), the leading distributed cloud database built on the best distribution of Apache Cassandra™ and designed for hybrid cloud.


The Results


DSE nodes in production



Terabytes of data handled daily by those 25 nodes



Global data sources aggregated into a single feed for holistic view of price levels and liquidity

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