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A podcast Series With Sam Ramji

What can we learn from cloud-native development and how can we share that with developers, engineers, product owners, and product managers of the new world?

Sam Ramji interviews open source innovators who are shaping the future of open source data, open source software, data on Kubernetes, data in DevOps, data in AI, and much more.

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Available Episodes

Sam Ramji
S3 E13

Season 3 Compressed Edition with Sam and Audra

With Host: Sam Ramji, Chief Strategy Officer at DataStax

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Sophie Watson
S3 E12

Accelerating Computation, Machine Learning, and Data Mesh with Sophie Watson

With Guest: Sophie Watson, Technical Product Marketing Manager – Data Science at NVIDIA

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Bob Van Luijit
S3 E11

Vector Search, the AI Stack and more with Bob van Luijt

With Guest: Bob Van Luijit, CEO and Co-founder of SeMI Technologies

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Larry Augustin
S3 E10

Open Source Innovation, The GPL for Data, and The Data In to Data Out Ratio with Larry Augustin

With Guest: Larry Augustin, Entrepreneur, angel investor, and advisor to technology companies.

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Upcoming Guests

Guests Bios

Sophie Watson

Sophie Watson

Technical Product Marketing Manager – Data Science at NVIDIA