Transforming Legal Workflows with Generative AI

Concide provides advanced AI-powered legal intelligence solutions, streamlining workflows for legal professionals by leveraging technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning. Its Chat for Legal platform facilitates tasks like document analysis, semantic search, and collaboration, enabling legal teams to efficiently navigate vast amounts of legal data, extract insights, and make informed decisions.


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2X increase in search speed: Faster retrieval of relevant legal documents, enhancing user experience.

30% reduction in costs: Demonstrates the cost-effectiveness of Astra DB.

Optimized data processing workflows: Azure's deployment intelligence facilitates seamless document extraction and preprocessing.

Concide leverages vector search within its legal intelligence platform for various purposes, including document similarity and clustering, relevant document retrieval, contextual analysis and understanding, and semantic document annotation. The platform's ability to swiftly compare semantic similarities, identify relevant documents, analyze contextual relationships, and automatically annotate documents with metadata is a game-changer for legal professionals. It enables them to navigate and extract insights from large volumes of legal data with unparalleled speed and accuracy, significantly enhancing their productivity and decision-making processes.

Built on Apache Cassandra, DataStax Astra DB is the only vector database that can make vector updates immediately available to applications and scale to the largest real-time data and streaming workloads, securely on Microsoft Azure. Coincide’s journey from proof of concept (POC) to full production deployment with Astra DB was accomplished within a month.

Customer challenges

Founded in 2022, Concide delivers diverse legal tech services tailored to a range of customer needs to streamline and enhance legal and business operations. Its core business priorities focus on contract lifecycle management, legal project management, and integration hub services. Concide's challenges include the lack of standardized formatting and inconsistencies in AI model outputs, along with the costliness and occasional sluggishness of its existing infrastructure. Concide also needed rapid data processing and storage capabilities to efficiently manage vast amounts of legal documents on its Chat for Legal platform.

Partner solutions

Concide seamlessly integrated Astra DB and Azure within its Chat for Legal platform to optimize performance, enhance scalability, and ensure regulatory compliance. Astra DB is the backbone of Concide's data infrastructure, providing rapid data processing and storage capabilities essential for efficiently handling vast amounts of legal documents. Leveraging Astra DB's vector database capability, Concide can represent documents as vectors in a high-dimensional space, enabling advanced AI functionalities such as document similarity analysis and semantic document annotation.

Azure played a crucial role in document extraction and preprocessing through Azure Deployment Intelligence, facilitating seamless data ingestion and extraction while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, particularly in European markets.

Concide Product Architecture

Customer benefits

By incorporating Astra DB for its chat platform, Concide achieved a 2X increase in search speed, enabling faster retrieval of relevant legal documents and enhancing user experience. The adoption of Astra DB led to a 30% reduction in costs, demonstrating the solution's cost-effectiveness. Azure's deployment intelligence also facilitated seamless document extraction and preprocessing, further optimizing data processing workflows.

What’s next

Concide's next project is a SaaS solution offering for the Chat for Legal platform. This platform is designed to streamline communication and document handling for legal professionals. Aiming to target a wider user base, Concide plans to leverage Astra DB to ensure the platform can handle large volumes of data and high user traffic without compromising performance.

In addition to the core chat functionality, Concide plans to integrate various products to enhance the platform's capabilities. They will utilize an agentic chatbot, an advanced AI-driven assistant designed to perform complex tasks. This chatbot will employ multiple APIs to execute functions such as sending documents to a review tool, retrieving legal information, and more.

By automating these tasks, the platform will provide a smarter, multi-tool solution that increases lawyers' efficiency and productivity. Integrating these tools aims to reduce manual effort, minimize errors, and streamline legal workflows, ultimately offering a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs of legal professionals.