Migration to Astra DB Helps Funstage Yield 85% Cost Savings

Funstage focuses on social casino gaming, providing engaging experiences to millions of players worldwide. One of Funstage's latest endeavors, Bloom Boom Casino, aims to elevate performance, scalability, and cost efficiency. DataStax Astra DB powers the platform, offering a captivating gaming experience while streamlining operational processes for enhanced efficiency.


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85% reduction in costs for serverless usage achieved through query optimization

Reduced operational complexity allows Funstage to focus more on innovation and development

Astra DB's scalability ensures Bloom Boom Casino maintains a smooth, responsive experience as the user base grows.



Funstage faced significant challenges in maintaining its legacy on-premises systems, primarily centered around scalability, cost inefficiencies, operational complexity, and rigorous ISO standards concerns. With a growing user base and fluctuating demand, the limitations of on-premise infrastructure became increasingly apparent. Scalability issues hindered Funstage's ability to accommodate user growth effectively, leading to performance bottlenecks and potential downtime during peak usage periods. Moreover, the high operational costs associated with maintaining on-premises hardware and infrastructure constrained Funstage's financial flexibility and competitiveness in the market. The complexity of managing and maintaining legacy systems further compounded these challenges.


Funstage chose DataStax Astra DB on Microsoft Azure due to the limitations it encountered with its legacy on-premise platform. Recognizing the need for a more robust and flexible solution, Funstage evaluated various database options from DataStax, Elasticsearch, and MongoDB. Through proof of concepts, Astra DB emerged as the preferred choice due to its suitability for handling large-scale data operations and for its serverless pay-as-you-go model, offering cost-effective scalability from the outset. This flexibility enabled Funstage to start with minimal costs, scaling seamlessly as user demand increased, aligning perfectly with its growth strategy.

Funstage also uses Azure to host its cloud-based services and applications. Specifically, Funstage leverages Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) for container orchestration, allowing for efficient deployment, scaling, and management of its microservices architecture.


Funstage's implementation of Astra DB for Bloom Boom Casino marked a significant milestone in addressing its operational challenges. Leveraging Kubernetes, Funstage attained unprecedented adaptability and dependability. DataStax's support proved instrumental in optimizing workflows, offering invaluable insights and assistance throughout the development journey.

Adopting Astra DB yielded substantial benefits for Bloom Boom Casino's operations. The platform experienced notable enhancements in performance, seamlessly scaling to accommodate an expanding user base while ensuring efficient resource use. Astra DB's pay-as-you-go model delivered cost efficiencies, enabling Funstage to allocate resources without compromising quality standards. After the migration from SQL Server to Astra DB, the Funstage team, together with the help of DataStax experts, started implementing some query optimizations that resulted in an 85% reduction in costs for their serverless usage. Furthermore, DataStax support played a pivotal role in expediting development timelines, empowering Funstage to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience to its users.

“We chose Astra DB because it offered the perfect solution to our scalability challenges. With its seamless integration and cost-effective pricing model, Astra DB empowered us to meet and exceed our performance goals while ensuring unparalleled reliability for Bloom Boom Casino. The exceptional support provided by DataStax further solidified our confidence in Astra DB, enabling us to easily navigate any technical challenges and ensure a smooth transition to the cloud."

Alexandru Gavrilescu RagalieLead Backend Developer, Funstage

What’s Next

As Funstage continues to innovate and expand its portfolio, the partnership with DataStax remains instrumental in driving future growth. Funstage plans to migrate additional services to the cloud, coupled with the exploration of AI-driven enhancements, underscore Funstage's commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and delivering unparalleled value to its customers.