Ibexa Drives Real-Time Recommendations with DataStax Astra DB

Headquartered in Norway, Ibexa helps companies around the world transform traditional sales strategies into frictionless buying experiences. Its Digital Experience Platform (DXP) delivers digital content and commerce based on real-time data, ensuring that customers always have the latest information and empowering sellers to make relevant recommendations.


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  • Provides great stability to the Ibexa platform, removing a distraction for staff
  • Improves customer satisfaction with recommendations delivered reliably fast
  • Delivers real-time data for instant action
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Many DXP customers need access to the latest data to ensure they can serve their customers with products that are available and recommendations based on preferences and customer profile. Apache Cassandra is central to real-time data management in DXP. With DataStax Astra DB on AWS, Ibexa can focus on its core value knowing that all things Cassandra are well-managed.

“We knew when we looked into Astra DB on AWS that we had a well-known solution that provides all the scalability, multi-region support, and reliability we need, without the hassle and cost of maintaining it internally,” said Nazariy Kostiv, Senior Java Engineer at Ibexa.

The Challenge

When Ibexa needed a database tuned for real-time data, it made sense to look for an open-source software that aligns with the company’s design philosophy. Cassandra was a good fit, capable of supporting real-time data at scale, serving recommendations quickly and correctly. It soon became apparent, however, that Ibexa needed a better database management strategy.

“It was on us to deploy and manage everything about Cassandra, taking attention away from our core value as DXP developers,” said Kostiv. “We needed a solution to ensure that everything worked as it should without diverting our resources.”

The Solution

Ibexa compared Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) providers, looking closely at response time across regions and support for all Cassandra features. DataStax Astra DB on AWS was the clear choice. “Astra DB uses the Cassandra API and supports the full features of Cassandra,” said Kostiv. “We can even add features onto it from DataStax.”

Built on Cassandra, Astra DB simplifies cloud-native Cassandra application development. Astra DB takes care of the operational burden often associated with using a powerhouse database like Cassandra, while reducing deployment time.

The Results

With Astra DB on AWS, Ibexa has great confidence in the stability and reliability of the DXP data environment. “We don’t lose sleep over concerns of node failure or other issues,” said Kostiv. Customers are pleased with the simplicity and ease of use of DXP, including real-time data management.

Ibexa found that Astra DB is easy to set up in various cloud configurations, including different zones in Amazon AWS. As a result, customers can easily move between configurations as their business requires.

Over the last two years, Ibexa has developed a strong relationship with DataStax, participating in developer days and interacting with other Astra DB users. As Ibexa moves toward more personalized B2B and B2C recommendations using machine learning or new algorithms, its development group intends to leverage these connections to continue providing customers the best real-time personalization and performance.