Redefining Enterprise Chat with GenAI: Imprompt's Journey with DataStax Astra DB and RAGStack

The inception of Imprompt was sparked by a straightforward realization: the management and security of an ever-growing GPT-enabled asset base presented a formidable challenge. Jeff Schneider, founder, envisaged a vendor-neutral platform functioning as a control plane, an agent mesh that would not only integrate various systems but also guarantee their secure and streamlined operation.


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Imprompt is a pioneering company in Chat-to-GPT (chat systems that interact with any GPT-based LLM) experiences tailored for enterprises. Founded and led by Jeff Schneider, Imprompt stands out by providing customizable solutions that enable enterprises to harness the power of generative AI while retaining control over their data and infrastructure. The company’s Chat-to-Everything platform provides chat experiences that integrate seamlessly with existing systems, enabling enterprises to leverage their agents, language models, and data in the cloud or on-premises.


Imprompt identified a key challenge in the market where existing solutions from mega-vendors often restricted customization options and didn't prioritize the specific needs of enterprises. Imprompt’s mission is to empower enterprises to leverage GenAI on their own terms and create a platform that could seamlessly integrate with existing IT infrastructure while delivering highly customizable chat experiences. The primary objectives were enabling enterprises to utilize their agents, models, and data, thus offering a more personalized and flexible solution.


Imprompt recognized the importance of a robust solution to underpin their Chat-to-Everything platform. After struggling with other database solutions, Imprompt realized it needed an enterprise-grade vector database to capture customer documents securely. These documents are the foundation for contextual interactions with files, empowering our customers to answer business inquiries in real-time via a user-friendly chat interface.

Imprompt chose DataStax Astra DB over other solutions for its scalability, reliability, and integration capabilities. Leveraging Astra DB's vector search capabilities, Imprompt efficiently managed and contextualized vast amounts of data, including files, corporate data, and relational databases, enhancing the overall chat experience.

Imprompt Product Architecture Diagram
Imprompt Product Architecture Diagram

DataStax’s RAGStack is also a valuable tool for Imprompt, offering a structured approach to managing files and contextualizing data within their Chat-to-Everything platform. RAGStack is an out-of-the-box solution simplifying retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) in GenAI apps. RAGStack includes the best open-source for implementing RAG, giving developers a comprehensive GenAI stack leveraging LangChain, LlamaIndex, and more.

"We value Astra DB over other vector databases because of its unparalleled reliability, scalability, and integration capabilities,” Schneider said. “Pinecone has cool technology, but ultimately, we believe DataStax offers a superior product. Their support team and agility in the GPT space are impressive. Astra DB's reliability and integration capabilities shape our GenAI solution, redefining enterprise chat. Integrating with RAGStack enhances data processing for enriching our chatbot's contextual understanding."

Jeff SchneiderCEO, Imprompt


With Astra DB, Imprompt transitioned from a proof of concept to a fully operational platform in just weeks. This swift turnaround highlights the efficiency and agility of its development process. As the platform scaled, Astra DB's scalability capabilities ensured seamless performance even with increasing volumes of data, reaffirming its role as a reliable and robust database solution.

DataStax’s RAGStack, including tools from LlamaIndex, enriched the platform's capabilities and expedited development, contributing to Imprompt's success in delivering highly customizable Chat-to-Everything experiences for enterprises.

“TCO is always hard to measure, but we know that we save thousands of dollars in engineering costs by leveraging their prebuilt solutions,” Schneider said.

What's Next

With a focus on security and responsibility, Imprompt aims to spearhead the development of an "agent mesh" – a control plane that monitors and manages AI agents to safeguard against rogue entities. By establishing a marketplace where organizations can access AI agents and services securely, Imprompt seeks to foster a collaborative ecosystem that promotes trust and reliability. Additionally, Imprompt will continue to enhance its platform's capabilities and expand its integration ecosystem.