How Merx US Built a Cross-Border E-Commerce Platform Powered by DataStax Astra DB and AI

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Vector search provided highly relevant product recommendations, boosting satisfaction and sales.

Astra DB's data management ensured seamless handling of large data volumes, maintaining up-to-date inventory and prompt service.

The use of AI and vector search established Merx US as a leader in Latin American e-commerce.

Merx US is a cross-border e-commerce sourcing company that offers comprehensive transaction services via WhatsApp for electronics and auto parts clients. These services cover product purchases, logistics, and customer support, offering a streamlined and conversational cross-border e-commerce experience. Merx US utilizes the trade name ALANI 360, which enables customers in Latin America to purchase electronic products via WhatsApp. This service includes handling all aspects of the purchase process, such as sourcing the product, managing paperwork and shipping, and handling payments. By leveraging WhatsApp as the primary communication channel, Merx US simplifies the purchasing experience for customers, eliminating the need for them to visit a website or download an app.


Merx US faced significant challenges in managing large-scale data in real-time for a leading electronics supplier while developing its e-commerce platform via WhatsApp. Accurate and efficient data handling was crucial for reflecting inventory changes and processing transactions in real time across various countries. Additionally, developing an advanced search functionality that could interpret natural language queries was essential, as customers interacted through the conversational interface of WhatsApp.


To tackle cross-border e-commerce challenges, Merx US used DataStax Astra DB to create a robust, AI-powered solution that enhances the user experience and operational efficiency. The ALANI 360 e-commerce platform on WhatsApp was launched in two months.

DataStax Astra DB is central to the Merx US technology stack. It offers scalability and reliability for handling real-time inventory and product data across different geographies. Vector search within Astra DB enables Merx US to transform traditional text data into vector representations. These vectors capture the semantic meaning of product descriptions and customer queries, enabling search functionality beyond keyword matching to understand the context and intent behind user inputs. When a customer inquires via WhatsApp, the vector search engine analyzes the input, matches it with similar vector representations of products, and retrieves the most relevant items from the product catalog in their region. This process significantly refines search results and improves accuracy, ensuring customers receive options closely aligned with their requests.

“Astra DB enables our platform to utilize vector search for direct product query recommendations. If a customer is interested in a specific laptop, our system leverages vector similarity scores to suggest similar or complementary products. This enhances our ability to effectively cross-sell and upsell by aligning closely with customer preferences without recommending irrelevant products.”

Reinaldo GarciaCTO of Merx US


With Astra DB, Merx US launched the e-commerce platform in WhatsApp within 2 months. Astra DB has been transformative, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and the customer experience. With Astra DB's robust data management capabilities, Merx seamlessly handles large volumes of real-time data, ensuring that inventory and transaction information is always current and accurate. This reliability is crucial for maintaining trust and satisfaction among customers who expect up-to-date product availability and prompt service.

What's Next

Merx US is poised for future growth with plans to enhance its AI capabilities and expand integration with other APIs to widen its product range. The company is exploring advanced machine learning techniques to better predict customer preferences and improve personalization in product recommendations. These initiatives will help Merx US strengthen its leadership in providing innovative e-commerce solutions in Latin America.