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DataStax at
AWS re:Invent 2023

Learn how to deliver billions of vectors with ultra low latency, bringing real-time vector data to your AI apps, immediately.


Featured Session

Production RAG Apps Made Easier with Astra

Generative AI isn’t hype. But building production Gen AI apps with RAG has challenges such as accuracy, latency at scale, security and compliance. In this session we’ll demo and walk through our own production RAG application built with LangChain, AWS Bedrock and Astra DB vector search, and talk about the production requirements and best practices we learned on the journey.

Featured Customer

Alpha Ori Technologies

Maritime transportation leader Alpha Ori is building on AWS and DataStax Astra DB to power its innovative SMARTship software, collecting and analyzing +5,000 data points every 30 seconds from onboard systems, optimizing maritime operations and reducing carbon emissions.

AI is helping Alpha Ori save the maritime industry 275,433.00 metric tons of CO2 and 88,450 metric tons of fuel while reducing costs by more than $44M.

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