AI App Development Made Easy

Langflow’s drag-and-drop IDE simplifies RAG-based app creation with powerful, open-source tools and integrations to accelerate GenAI development.


Drag-and-Drop Access to Pre-Built RAG Components

Visual AI Application Development

Langflow drag-and-drop interface lets developers quickly define all the steps necessary to ingest and store data, define query prompts, searches, and response output without writing any code.

Visual AI Application Development

Test and Iterate Faster with Real Data

Langflow lets you experiment and find the best solution for your AI app with ease. Switch between embedding models, LLMs, retrievers, etc. easily and test with real data without the need to write code or master new frameworks.

Test and Iterate Faster with Real Data


Choose the Langflow that’s Right for You

DataStax Langflow

DataStax Langflow is a hosted version of Langflow integrated with Astra DB. Be up and running in minutes with no installation or setup required.

Langflow Open Source UI

Langflow Open Source

Langflow’s Python-based deployment lets you experience the simplicity of a visual IDE with all the integrations. Run it where you need it.


Get Started with Langflow Today

Experience the simplicity of low-code RAG development and test your application within minutes with Langflow.