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Priceline Helps Travelers with Real-time AI

Learn how online travel leader, Priceline, embraced AI and the cloud to supercharge their travel offerings.

AI and Data Leaders Shaping their Industries


Bolstering Bookings with Real-time AI and DataStax

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Skypoint cloud

Improving Operational Efficiency with GenAI

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Simplifying Customer 360 with Astra DB and Real-time AI

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ACI Universal Payments
Capital One
Skypoint Cloud
Digital Champions

Building the Future in Real-Time

Learn how these visionaries are using real-time data and AI to deliver unprecedented value to their organizations and customers.

Customer Spotlight

“With the ability to leverage DSE to support generative AI applications using vector search, my team can explore new, innovative approaches to using data and align our long-term objectives with DataStax's expertise, further enhancing our capabilities and vision for the future.”

John Madden
Chief Architect – Fraud at ACI Worldwide

“Finding specific policies and operating procedures is time-consuming and challenging due to scattered storage across various platforms. Using Astra DB's vector search capabilities, SkyPoint can leverage these benefits to enhance its services, offering users real-time, contextual, and personalized solutions. This leads to accurate predictions and personalized healthcare outcomes at a lower cost.”

Tisson Mathew
Founder & CEO, SkyPoint AI

“For Dataworkz, having a vector database is important to harness large language models for either question answering systems insights and intelligent summarization. Astra Vector DB is a really great addition for us.”

Nikhil Smotra
Co-Founder and CTO, Dataworkz


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