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Cassandra Total Cost of Ownership Study

Is a serverless Cassandra really more cost effective than managing your own Apache Cassandra™ clusters? Analyst firm GigaOm conducted a comprehensive study, comparing serverless Cassandra with self-managed Cassandra.

Cassandra Total Cost of Ownership Study
  • 76% overall savings
  • 3x less migration complexity
  • 44% lower infrastructure costs

This study examines the full cost and true value of Apache Cassandra self-managed on Google Cloud (GCP) and the cost of a fully managed serverless Cassandra NoSQL database (DataStax Astra). Costs include dedicated compute hardware (for self-managed Cassandra), cost per read and write operation (on serverless Cassandra), storage growth (each write operation adds new data) and people cost in our three-year total cost of ownership calculations.


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