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Optimize the Digital Insurance Journey: Operationalize Your Omnichannel Data with DataStax

Benefits of DataStax for Insurance


Customer Personalization and Recommendations

Integrated real-time graph, analytics, and search empower insurance companies to get a single view of the customer and drive contextually relevant omnichannel experiences and personalized recommendations by connecting IoT, behavior, and claim data.

Compliance and Data Security

Linear scalability, masterless architecture, and end-to-end encryption enable insurance companies to replicate massive volumes of customer data across multiple data centers and safeguard it, allowing them to meet regulatory requirements.

Fraud Prevention and Claim Processing

Built-in enterprise-grade security, real-time contextual analysis, and continuous availability allow insurance companies to prevent and identify atypical patterns instantly to stop fraud in the moment or even before it happens. With a real-time view across all claimant data, insurers can better process claims and enrollments, evaluating pricing and claim data all in an instant.

Gain inside perspective on the challenges insurance companies face as they strive for modernization. These three short documents outline key pain points and how DataStax is helping solve these challenges.


Four Abilities Your Database Needs to Enable the Future of Financial Services, Banks and Insurance

The specific abilities your database must possess to protect your financial data and keep your enterprise from becoming compromised.

Top Three Data Transformations Insurers Face

The need to pull quick insights and respond to the ever-changing consumer landscape where traditional insurers must keep pace with the new insurtech competition is imperative.

The Top Three Things Insurance Companies are Doing Wrong With Their Data

These days, concentrating exclusively on current data records is no longer enough; you need to merge siloed data and be able to use external and internal data records together.

Penn Mutual, a 170-year-old life insurance annuities company wanted to simplify their storage and gain access to 150 years’ worth of historical data to get a holistic view of their customers. They found DataStax to be the ideal solution.

Case Study

Insurance Companies Implementing DataStax Enterprise

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DataStax Active Everywhere Database for Insurance

Built on Apache Cassandra™, a masterless architecture supports the speed and scale of today’s mission demands—with contextual, always-on, real-time, distributed applications.

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) makes it easy for insurance companies to fully exploit their hybrid cloud environments without having to re-architect or change anything about their applications, forming a seamless data layer across all cloud deployments.

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