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Apache Cassandra 4.0 Benefits

Apache Cassandra is the fastest, most elastic, and most available database in the world, and with Cassandra 4.0 it is getting better. Apache Cassandra 3.11.6 maxed out at 41k ops/s while Apache Cassandra 4.0 running on the same hardware goes up to 51k ops/s, which is a nice 25% improvement. 

It is important to call out that OSS partnership with DataStax (including 4.0 and older versions of Apache Cassandra) resulted in 20% infrastructure cost savings. Read more on this in the whitepaper

With Apache Cassandra 4.0 you get:

  • Faster, Denser nodes
  • Backpressure and improved resiliency in the system
  • Realtime audit logging and workload capture and replay
  • The most stable, battle-tested major release of Cassandra Ever (Tested by Apple, DataStax, Instagram, Netflix, and dozens more)

Cassandra 4.0 provides improvements everywhere: 

Better ROI: Performance and density improvements 

  • Significant compute improvements
  • Support for zstd compression

Operator improvements

  • Compaction: performance improvements (CPU and memory)
  • Networking: major improvements in performance and client backpressure
  • New feature: Realtime audit logging
  • New feature: Workload capture and replay (QA, root cause analysis)
  • Incremental repair hardening

Bootstrapping and Recovery improvements: 5x faster with zero-copy streaming

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