Learning Series

Cassandra Fundamentals

This hands-on learning series covers fundamental topics in Apache Cassandra® that will help you to become a successful Cassandra developer. Whether you are just starting with Cassandra or continuing your journey, there are both beginner and more advanced topics to explore. Each concept is introduced and explained using practical and executable examples written in Cassandra Query Language (CQL).

Learning Series Topics


  • 01Introduction to Apache Cassandra®
  • 02Cassandra Query Language
  • 03Keyspaces and Data Replication Strategies
  • 04Tables with Single-Row Partitions
  • 05Tables with Multi-Row Partitions
  • 06Inserts, Updates, Deletes and Upserts
  • 07Bulk Loading Large Datasets
  • 08Queries
  • 09Advanced Data Types
  • 10Tunable Consistency and Consistency Levels
  • 11Linearizable Consistency and Lightweight Transactions
  • 12Atomicity and Batches
  • 13Materialized Views
  • 14Secondary Indexes

The Cassandra Fundamentals Coursework